New At Clinique & Free Shipping!

Clinique finally rolled out brushes for Spring 05!

So exciting- and they also have brush cleaner:) I am going to get some today. How about you?

Enjoy free standard shipping on your Clinique order of $45 or more. Simply enter offer code winterblues at checkout. Offer valid through February 28th.


This Week's Fabulous Find

This week on ThriftyChick we found handbags to start your season off right!

Check it out:


Sale Sale Sale!

Our friends at Lyrical Beauty are having a sale! I have my eye on a cool keychain!

Here are the deets:

15% Off your purchase, http://www.lyricalbeauty.net
Enter code "4398" at checkout. Sale ends Wednesday, Feb. 23. 2005!


Perfect Madness

The Latest from our friends at Barnes & Noble

Perfect Madness: Motherhood in the Age of Anxiety

Perfect Madness: Motherhood in the Age of Anxiety

Only $16.97 in Hardcover

Fast & Free Delivery


Raincoats are Falling on our Heads!

Since our email newsletter on Monday we have seen alot of rain coat orders and we are sure to see more!

In fact it is raining outside right now and I am still trying to decide which coat will be mine for the season! Incase you missed it, visit us at http://thriftychick.com/index.php?cPath=29

But to get you in the mood, here is the top selling coat from our newsletter so far:

Spring at Esprit

Details and subtle color are what this trench from Esprit.com is all about.
On sale from $159 to $99 it is a steal with
Esprit free shipping included!
Color shown, carnation. Also in black.


Crafty Mama

Now I have never been a super crafty chick.
Sewing a satin sheet set for my Barbie's at age 9 or so was about as
crafty as I got. Why Satin Sheets? Well why else would Ken come over? Hey,
don't ask....and yes I had adult supervision.

But when I came across these rubber stamps in my local mega-craft store I
decided I could become artistic and would find a way to stamp the crap out
of anything that came my way. I also checked first thing when I got home
to see if they had a website because you know me, I had to get the word

Be afraid piece of paper, be very afraid! Meet

There are way too many choices when ordering from their website, you will want them all.
No need to control yourself and they even have a grab bag choice of un
-mounted stamp styles that are being discontinued! They give you
directions on how to use them un-mounted or to mount them - whichever you
I adore the phrase stamps and I can just see the "Big News" or "Happy Birthday" in retro letters lighting up a kid or adult party invite! Or how about a Bride or her Rock for kitschy bridal shower invites? You decide.

Shop the Sale Grab Bag




Hi ThriftyMama's! Wanted to let you know that if you are registering you can do it on the Wedding Channel now and that way your family and friends can easliy view a database of your wishlists.

Couples can set up a registry and page just like you would for a wedding but now for your baby! How exciting.

Choose from these participating registries:

Pottery Barn Kids
The Land Of Nod
Neiman Marcus

Oops, It'sValentines Day?

Ok Mama's we know that you are busy and it is totally ok if you biffed it on Valentines Day and have yet to get something special for your hubby, partner, kid, etc.

You still have time. First maybe a cute e-card? Do not cave into the pressure of Valentines Day. As a new Mom I am convinced that Holidays, (while fun) are a huge inconvenience. Thank goodness Ruby is only 7+ months and I am not slaving over a hot oven yet and icing 500 cupcakes for her school. Let's hope that in 4 or 5 years or so they outlaw that kind of thing:) Am I terrible? No, I am honest and plan to take full advantage of these fun e-cards in an attempt to save my own butt on Valentines Day.

Forgot your Valentine? Oops, send a HipsterCard

It is free! Not only are they thrifty, but they are super cool! Choose from an array of greetings for any occasion or personality.



She Works Hard....

She Works Hard for the Money

Working a little hard these days? Geesh we thought we may just be able to
have it all huh? The kids, the hubby, the white picket fence? To have it
"all" you are most likely working your baby booty off all day long
and fear that inevitable question from the kids and hubby when you get
home.... "Mom, what's for dinner"?
We searched around and found a fabulous
answer to that nagging question. The Working Parents Cookbook! With 200
recipes you will find meals for every picky palate night after night. Most
of these meals can be whipped up within 30 minutes and easy to follow
recipes are a great way to get the kids involved and give Mom and Dad a break too.

Where did we find this unique item? Pokkadots.com. Take a look around at some of their super cool
gift ideas and pick up a little something for New Moms, Baby and check out their room stuff.
Hey, there is even a sale section chocked full of bargains too good to pass up such as the cry baby diaper bag, too funny.

FREE Shipping on $99 or more at Pokkadots.com

- Thrifty Mama

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Hello Dolly!

Hello Dolly!

Groovy Girls are on the scene! I have to say that I am looking forward to my daughter playing with dolls now more than ever. Nothing says fun like dressing your dolls in lavish pink leopard
coat sets complete with hat and handbag and placing them in their high
powered high fashion roadster off to lunch with their dolly friends.

Don't we all want to be Groovy Girls? This line of toy dolls and
accessories (because accessorizing should be taught from a very early age)
are made by Manhattan Toys and can be purchased for amazingly thriftymama
prices at
PufferBellyToys.com. Girls $9.95each, Roadster (dolly sized) $39.95

Ages 3-99

Orders of $35.00 or more are shipped within the U.S. for FREE!

- Thrifty Mama


Who's Drink ?

Who's drink is it anyway?

We have all been there. The inevitable party
faux pas from a baby shower to a retirement party- we are talking the
"lost drink" or the drink mix-up. Has your small child ever come close to drinking a "mommy cocktail" or
have you ever feared a nasty germ share when picking up your drink after
you put it down and forgot about it?

Fear no more! You can avoid these conundrums and do it in style with
Drink DOTS. Their stylish selection contains many occasion choices from kids party to bridal shower. Each guest can have their own
unique DOT and avoid the guesswork! $4.95 for 9 static cling dots.

- Thrifty Mama

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Is that a Watermelon?

Is that a Watermelon under that dress?

Why, yes it is and isn't it a cute watermelon? Ugh the woes of pregnancy wardrobing.

Believe you me, there were days where I really felt tempted by the thought
of a Muumuu but then I remembered that I had a friend in a lovely fabric
called matte jersey knit. Thank heavens for
Belly Basics! They know where it's at and
we know where to get it with a special offer. These babies are exactly what you need right after your pregnancy as well because no matter what grandmother tells you you are not fitting in your pre-pregnancy jeans and walking out of that hospital. No way woman.

- Thrifty Mama

Exclusive promotion for Thrifty Mama's when you purchase
any item from the Belly Basics collection at Amazon.com!

Use code: BBTC0001 and save 15% on your order

Offer valid until 2/17/05 6pm PST.

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