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Got Bump? Hope to Get a bump soon?

Checkout the Summer styles at our favorite Maternity Stores:



Stinky Poo Poo

I come across these hilarious items by a Vancouver based company quite often when strolling about. The company is Koo Koo and they embroider towels, yoga mats, loungewear and baby accessories. My faves are the diaper covers, made of 100% cotton terry, sporting appropriate words such as 'stinky', 'messy' and 'poo poo'.
We could certainly use some other descriptive words on diaper covers in our house!!
Koo Koo's bridal collection is great too!


speaking of sheets

After today's Daily Stroll, I have sheets on the brain. It is always this time of year when I want to throw out all my sheets and towels and start all over again.

I'm trying to convince myself not to drive to the Dwell sample sale in NYC (it started yesterday and runs through next week, 5/08). It's at 60 Grand St. I'm wondering if I can rationalize it with a trip to the zoo thrown in. Hmm.

Here's my favorite from DwellBaby:
It just makes me smile!

These are the best pants ever. Posted by Hello A friend (with 3 little ones at 4 and under) told me about them and I debated ordering them because I thought $68 was a little much for knit pants. But they are so worth it. I'm about to order another pair because I swear, I want to wear mine every day. The knit is great quality and they have a stylish cut so they're nice enough to wear to my casual office or shopping etc., without feeling like I'm in workout clothes. The thing that I like the most is that they aren't low waisted so my butt crack doesn't show everytime I bend over to pick up the baby. If you decide to order some, they run big (another plus as I got to order down a size!) Right now I'm into comfort and function. The days of tottering around in stilettos and low rider Sevens every day are over- for one thing, I still can't fit in my Sevens and it's almost impossible to carry that infant carrier around in heels. I know this is my second recommendation for Hanna Andersson stuff- I promise they don't pay me!

All About GOO

GOO: A great Canadian company featuring a line of t-shirts and tanks for babes (moms and dads, too).
The Toronto-based Goo mom was tired of the typical baby shirt designs-so made her own. Goo's designs are iron-on transfers made with non-toxic and lead-free ink! Now you can wipe your baby's face (nose) with their shirt in a pinch, and not worry about poisoning them!
These "cute because they're hip" 100% cotton shirts feature actual mug shots of celebs such as Bill Gates, Elvis and James Brown to name a few. Mug shots, especially of these particular people are so non-baby, that I just couldn't resist sharing this Canadian line with you. Fun.
Visit GOO. Their long sleeve styles are 20% off.


Bad Mommy

So I just turned around in my office chair to find Ruby behind me in her saucer eating a cat toy.... atleast it didn't have catnip in it.

Wow I must stop working now and go wash her mouth.

If you can relate at all or like to hear funny things that happen to moms check out these fun sites run by Mama's:


Really must go wash her mouth now.

Canadian Mama

Just wanted to introduce myself! I am Jen, the new Canadian contributor to the Daily Stroll. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia and have access to great Canadian lines and boutiques.
My story goes something like this...
I am a young 30 something mom and wife (yikes, I don't think I have ever put that in writing!) with 2 kiddies...A 4 year old son, Ashlen and an 11 month old girl, Rosabella (Belle).
After my son was born, I was suddenly concerned about ingredients in baby products and was horrified with what I found. I combined my Make-Up Artistry background with a new found passion for Aromatherapy and developed my own line of 100% natural baby care, called MUNCHSKINS SKIN CARE! The line can be found across Canada, the U.K. and we're now streaming into the U.S.! Watch for us.
I am thrilled to contribute my fab Canadian finds with The Daily Stroll. Of course, my first fab find contribution is my own MUNCHSKINS. In fact, I am so excited that I am offering 10% off Munchskins.com purchases to Daily Stroll readers! Mention Daily Stroll in the comments section at checkout and you will be refunded 10%! Offer valid until May 31/05. We ship anywhere.
Looking forward to sharing my other Canadian greats with you all!

I found my diaper bag!

It's small and water-resistant and has an outside pocket for a sippy cup and it is SUPER-cute...and it's even on sale here!
I hadn't heard of Timi and Leslie before, but I think I may be hooked. Has anyone seen these in real life?

A Little Lavender

Here's a thrifty site that a fellow Birmingham girl started. I don't know her personally, but she's been really nice in her emails and I think her site is such a great idea. Its an online kids consignment boutique called Little Lavender! You can purchase items off the site, or you can mail her your "gently worn" children's clothing and she'll consign them for you. And unlike a lot of consignment stores, she's discriminating in what she'll sell. I purchased a bubble a few weeks ago and you can imagine how thrilled I was to come home and find a lovely, lavender wrapped, lavender scented package on my doorstep. It even included a lavender filled sachet. And since I love the smell of lavender- I'm a devoted fan! You can get on her mailing list and she'll email you when she adds new merchandise to the site.

I bought this...

We are going to NYC next week for the Big City Moms Mother's Day Event and this means we need a lightweight stroller. The train ride alone and trekking her in and out of Taxis is reason enough. Ruby is almost 10 months and her comfort is really important to me so yesterday I went to our local Babyland and had quite the education on umbrella strollers.

At first I had my eye on the popular Maclaren, the Silver Cross that was just in People Magazine, A bugaboo, etc. BUT come to find out that certain features are deal breakers. While Babyland was having a big sale it made the choice even harder because I was looking at getting the stroller I wanted (the silver cross pink) for only $100! I had to take into consideration those deal breaking features though and make a tough decision. Features over pretty pink looks.

Features to look for:
-Reclination capabilities: very important and those flashy fun strollers by Silver Cross and Maclaren do not recline as far as the Britax Esprit that I bought.
- 5 point harness. Keep that kid in there. I forgot that an umbrella stroller would not have the bar across the front that my Graco Quattro Tour does.... so something has to keep Ruby put.
-Basket- you aren't going to get much in a glorified umbrella stroller but the basket is essential.

So yes, I ended up purchasing the Britax Esprit. It looks sturdy, comfortable, it has a hood and stain resistant fabric and I will let you know more about it after we take it down to the big city next Thursday. It weighs 12 lbs and comes in 2 colors. I opted for red.

April Coupon: 10% Off $100 Order
Use Code: APR10PER
Expires 04/30/2005

Esprit Stroller - Red Track
Esprit Stroller - Red Track
$99 with free shipping!

Do you have this stroller? Let us know how it works out for you by commenting below! I am going to go put mine together and I will let you know how it works out.


Calling International Mama's

Ok, so we received overwhelming response to our quest for a Few Good Mama's to contribute to the blog and to articles on ThriftyMamaDaily.com- now we want International Mama's.

We want to hear what boutiques are hot where you live that also can be visited online! Score us International advertisers and you get a cut of the deal!

London, Paris, Rome, Africa, Austrailia, Canada All over! Send us an email to: mama@thriftymamadaily.com Tell us where you live, what you do, how many kids you are wrangling on a daily basis and we will chat!

Get a byline, schwag when available and adult conversation here at the ThriftyMama Blog.

Sick Baby

I've been a little quiet on the blog scene the last few days. MSP is sick. She has bronchiolitis, an ear infection and pink eye. I'm sure she picked it all up from the petri dish that is her school. This is our first sickness and I guess the immunity that she supposedly got from when I was breastfeeding has worn off. I hope she doesn't catch everything under the sun from now until I'm able to quit work and stay home with her. It's so sad to see her feeling so bad- it makes me feel so helpless. I also discovered that taking care of a sick baby is exhausting and all consuming. Thank goodness for the Baby Bjorn. MSP wanted to be held 24/7 so that was the only way I was able to eat some lunch and give my arms a break. The only thing is that it's a little tricky to sit down with a sleeping baby in the Baby Bjorn. I tried to sit at the computer but she started to wake up, so instead I watched the entire Gastineau Girls marathon while standing in front of the tv. I've now used up the little vacation time that I accrued after maternity leave, so I'm back at blogging- uh I mean work- and her daddy is at home today. I made sure to show him how to use the Baby Bjorn before I left.

To update you on my diet/exercise plan, the South Beach diet is going well. I'm not getting on a scale so I don't know how many actual pounds I've lost, but I feel thinner and I think my clothes are a little looser. I'm still on Phase I and plan on sticking to that for at least another week. I might try to do Phase I till I leave for my trip, but I don't know how realistic that is. The exercise isn't going as well. I've only been twice in the last week and a half. My excuse is that the weather turned wet and cold and now the baby is sick. Maybe I'll be able to go tonight.


Baby Chic Guest Blogger- Elisabeth's Sushi Baby

We have teamed up with Patty over at BabyChic101 and are super psyched to bring you the latest in celebrity purchases!
Once a week we will satisfy your Celebrity Mama and Baby fetish with a snippet from the lovely Patty.

Elisabeth's Sushi Baby:

Child Magazine featured a story on Elisabeth Hasselbeck's new gift for her baby girl Grace. Elisabeth is enjoying some Sushi Style babywear from Pink Confection, a company created by Rachel Goldberger that makes pregnancy and baby gifts. Baby Grace got the above Baby Bento gift set which includes 3 Cappa-Makis (baby caps), 3 pairs of Sushi and Sockys (baby socks), 2 Washimis (washcloths), and one Wasabib (baby bib).

Read more at http://www.babychic101.com

This post is curteosy of our partnership with BabyChic101.com

Um What? New Stroller...

Ok- So NOT thrifty and its not that I don't think this is worth every penny and if someone wants to give me a free one I will totally accept but um what? I just am not sure about this new stroller sold at BabyStyle.com by Stokke. Oh and its $749.00 Yes, that is more than a bugaboo...

I mean even the kid looks a little stressed out here. I am too much of a klutz to navigate something like this.

Check it out for your self at BabyStyle.com

If you know anyone who has one or if you have seen this in person please comment below. I am sure that it is a great product as much of what Stokke puts out there is.
I mean Scandinavians rock! ( my husband is Danish:)


Mother's Day Sale at In Your Skivvies.com

We love this website not only because they have that super HOT "you can't afford me tank" which I am about to order this minute. BUT they also have a cute baby line of swarovski crystal tees and a lovely New Mommy Robe. Mother's day hint hint...

Get something nice for yourself or forward this blog post link to someone who will get the hint.


15% off any order with code: thriftychick at checkout. Prices are already slashed in the Mom/Baby section for Mother's Day. Mother's Day sale ends 5.8.05.

Sophie & Lilli.com Surplus Sale!!

Beloved little girls clothing store, Sophie & Lilli.com is having a surplus sale!
Sophie & Lili Surplus Sale - Stock up on signature pocket tees, reversible wrap skirts, pant sets, diaper covers & more at up to 60% off! Hurry! Limited stock available.

Catch their fabulous tunic dresses for young ladies (sizes 4T) but HURRY it is all over soon:


Who's Your Daddy?

I have talked about this store before but I just can't get enough. I seriously laugh out loud when I think of www.babywit.com and that rarely happens (laughing out loud- I think of Baby Wit all of the time).

When I first featured BabyWit in a Thrifty Mama Newsletter way back my own Mother actually called me laughing hysterically and said that we had to buy every t-shirt for Ruby.

So take a look and even if you can't fit them into your budget today, keep them in mind. These t-shirts are so funny and if you just need a pick me up take a look at the naughty baby section (my fave) and laugh your little butt off.

Here is my pick from the Naughty Baby Section:

Buy any 3 shirts and receive 15% off your total order.
Simply type in CLAUD during checkout in the redeem coupon field

A few of my other favorites... I know I know I am so BAD. I can't stop. I am seriously crying I am laughing so hard.

Customize any of these Shirts to fit your Bub.

Diaper Bags--What Does a Mother (of boys) Do?

Okay so I love the cute diaper bag featured in today's Daily Stroll, but as a mother of three boys I can't decide if I need to match my diaper bag (or at least one of them) to the gender of my children. I have the awesome backpack diaper bag from Land's End which I wholeheartedly recommend--but it's definitely not "cute". It used to come in more colors--I have light blue.

Here is my question...can a mom of boys carry a diaper bag that's girly looking? Is it okay to change the boys on a pink changing pad? I know there's no law but...

Repost- Leather Ottoman

Repost from the Fab Finds blog but Mama's can appreciate this:

It must just be where I grew up but I don't call the table infront of my couch a cocktail table.... Anyhow, what I do call it is a Coffee Table and what I need is a new one. This is because our current one has very pointy edges that Ruby (9 months) is bound to hit her face on while she is determined to pull up and try to walk along it.

Solution, a leather large ottoman. I was looking all over for one that would not cost me a months mortgage and I found this. I am very excited to see it when it gets here and I hope that we like it! If not their policy is free return shipping so it was worth a shot:

Only $289.00. Real leather & Free Shipping!
I mean come on, that is Thrifty.
Simply ottomans
Save $10 on any purchase over $75 at SimplyOttomans.com - use promo code: SW-8937 at checkout!


Save 10% at Boden.com

I have to say that while not being super "thrifty", Boden.com is an ok splurge in my opinion. You do not always have to be Thrifty $ wise, you can think of it as spending a nice chunk of change on a wardrobe that will always be in fashion and keep you looking buttoned up..

What is "thrifty" about this train of thought is that you then do not have to spend $ every season on fads and silly wardrobe additions because your closet is already full of timeless chic. Thus saving money all year 'round.

Shop Boden.com and save 10% on your purchase. Shop Mini Boden for the kids too!

Quality British women's apparel from Boden



I'm Back!

Wow, so leaving my baby for the first time was HARD. It was about time though (as she is almost 10 months) and apparently had a great time with her Nana and Fasha.

My mother tells me that Ruby slept 13 hours both Wednesday night and last night and was the perfect angel! Of course if she wailed all night my Mother would just lie to make me feel better anyway so who knows.

I had a great time in New York City and was very honored to have been invited to the www.bigcitymoms.com event on Thursday night at Soho Parenting Center where I got to meet Marg Stark, author of What No One Tells the Mom! It was a wonderful gathering of mostly new Mama's and I hope to see the same faces at some upcoming events.

So now I really must be getting to bed, perhaps I will go stare at Ruby for a few minutes in her crib. I really did miss her so much!

Happy Weekend! Tomorrow I will be posting some great sales info so stay tuned. Thanks to my fellow Thrifty Mama's who have kept the blog alive while I was away enjoying non computer time.

-Mama Lizzy

Costco Deals

I get diapers and formula at Costco because I can buy huge quantities and then we don't have to make emergency trips to the grocery store every other day. Plus it’s more economical. They have all the major brands except for the wipes. It annoys me that they only carry their Kirkland brand of wipes. I haven't tried them yet, but I don't think I like them. MSP is a Huggie's girl when it comes to wipes. They also have good deals on books and dvds for kids. I got the Madeline, Eloise and Olivia box sets for MSP. Even though she's too young for them now, it was too good a deal to pass up. Plus, I kind of wanted them for myself and they'll look good on her bookshelf. I'm hoping we can do the Eloise thing at the Plaza one day! Bought the Baby Monet dvd, but the box set of all the Baby Einstein dvds was extremely tempting and the Scholastic box set looks good too. Not sure how I feel about MSP watching that much tv though!

Locks of Love

So I am new here - hi. I am a little nervous, but I guess I should just plunge right in, no?

I have never been incredibly active in charitable works, but I certainly have written my fair share of checks, done walks, bid on items in silent auctions, sorted food, bought unwrapped presents, and the like. Now that I am a working mom - I was afraid that it would be a long while before I had the time (or cash!) to try to give back to the community again. Then I stumbled upon a charity where you just let Mother Nature take its course and then voila! Just by sitting around, you have created something someone else needs!

My hair has always grown incredibly fast and while pregnant it grew crazy fast. Like kudzu fast. Like - oh I don't know - really, really fast. The guy who cuts my hair kept telling me not to cut it because I would want to put it up in a ponytail post-baby and for a 20-something guy without a kid - he sure knew what he was talking about. So now I have this mass of hair (not Crystal Gayle hair...just to the middle of my back) that I am going to get cut off and donate to kids who have lost their hair due to various illnesses. This organization Locks of Love takes the hair and makes prosthetic hairpieces. The hair has to be at least 10 inches long and most salons will take care of all the paperwork and mailing for you.

Now...if anyone has any suggestions for good shampoo and conditioner to tame this mane for the next couple of weeks - I would be deeply appreciative. It is driving me crazy.

The Courage to Shop!

I've always loved to shop--especially for shoes!! But since I've held on to this baby weight (and then some) shopping hasn't been that fun. I have a great friend who like me carried some extra weight after the kids. At a girls night out dinner one evening I complimented her great jacket. She said yeah I got it at Lane Bryant. Hmmm, I thought to myself. Lane Bryant. I was at my wits end trying to squeeze into my pre-baby clothes with little success, but there was no way I was going to go to Lane Bryant.

Then came the fated business trip to the West coast. It was a one night trip to Seattle and the airline lost my bag on the way there. I ran to the mall across from my hotel and thought I'd grab some essentials and there I spied the cutest shirt...in Lane Bryant! I hesitated out front and then thought to myself if K can do it than I can too! So I went in and bought the shirt. The next morning I woke up, dressed, drove back to the airport, dropped off my rental car, waited in line at security with my hotel dry cleaning bag luggage (I may have gone into the store but I wasn't going to carry the shopping bag around with me), boarded the plane and we took off. About two hours into the flight somewhere over Missouri I'm sure I looked down and wouldn't you know it, there it was, the size sticker plastered right on my chest!

Well what else can you do but laugh at yourself? So I got over my fear to buy clothes that actually fit. I don't have to be this size forever. No reason to be doubly annoyed--first by your size and then by the tight pant wedgie. Thank you K for giving me the courage to shop again. And let me say I found the cutest capri pants in the most fabulous shades for a very reasonable price. All my friends thought they were some preppy designer.

Next time a chat about my other new favorite shopping spot. Talbots. Have you seen their stuff lately? Very cute!

PS-MamaTiff, Spray the Dreft on the clothes as you put them in the hamper and then you can let them sit for a few day


Need a Laugh?

I loved From Here to Maternity, the Education of a Rookie Mom. This book is laugh out loud funny and so identifiable for new moms. If you're thinking that I must be high for suggesting that you have enough time to read a whole book, don't worry. Since the birth of MSP, I haven't been able to read anything except the relevant parts of What to Expect the First Year and Goodnight Moon (which she just wants to eat btw). But this one is a quick and easy read. I got it as a gift for my expectant sister and read most of it the day before I wrapped it up.


It's Back in time for Swim Suit Season!!

Sweet Mother of all that is pure and good in the world, the beloved L'oreal Nutrifit is back in stock at Beauty.com.

If you missed our Fabulous Finds Feature on beauty products that ACTUALLY work, well frankly I feel sorry for you. But now you too can enjoy the wonderful results when you use the L'oreal Nutrifit Lotion below. Clicky click and get it FAST it sells out like crazy.

I swear on my child that it works and I used it everyday for 4 months or so before my wedding and my arm flab and tone greatly improved! Arms, legs, whatever it works. Just in time for swim suit season and so thrifty!



Hey Mama Tiff- get it before its gone and never worry about how you are going to look on the beach again. But you will look fabulous no matter what and I always find comfort in the fact that the people at the beach may never see me again so what do I care what I look like...

Marshalls Must Haves

So I don't know about you but my Marshalls Store ( Homegoods) has recently improved. I just scored the following for under $100 total: 1 Michael Kors Cigarette Pant, 1 Oscar de la Renta Skirt, 1 Franco Sarto Turquoise Leather bag.

Depending on your location you may have some hot new labels at your Marshalls! I hear some even have 7 For All Mankind Jeans!

I didn't even tell you about the kids clothes, toys, bedding GASP!

The Beach

I'm going to the beach Memorial Day weekend and I'm freaking out about having to wear a swimsuit. When we first planned the trip, I was all excited about buying MSP stuff. Have you seen how cute the Kate Mack swimuits for babies are? I ordered her this bubble suit and a sun hat from Hanna Andersson. Now it's hit me that in less than 6 weeks I'm going to have to wear one too. I didn't look that great in a swimsuit before I got pregnant, and with 15 or 20 extra pounds of baby weight, it's SCARY to say the least. And even worse, this year I'm not going to be able to lounge in my chair with my stomach sucked in all day. I'll have to walk around and bend over (quelle horror!) in my bathing suit while caring for MSP. Maybe I can use her body to hide my fat. My plan is to do the South Beach diet and exercise 4 times per week until the trip. The problem is that since returning to work, it's been hard to find the time to exercise. I have to go at night after I put MSP to bed. Wish me luck. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Stains? No problem!

So I was sitting at a client lunch not too long ago, enjoying a meal in a fancy DC restaurant and I looked down at my lap and noticed a stain right at my waist. Sure enough it was the remnant of a last minute diaper change before I dashed out the door to work that morning. Please tell me I'm not the only one this has ever happened to. Luckily, my shirt was long enough to cover it the rest of the day. I just had to chuckle and chalk it up to another fond memory of parenthood. But why I really share this is to say that I am a true believer in Dreft stain remover! That and the auto-soak setting and the grossest stains seem to go away.

The best parenting advice my mom ever gave me was to maintain your sense of humor. It's gotten me through quite a bit--and I promise to share those stories as time goes on. Please contribute yours. We could all use a laugh!


Tried Something New Today

Well it's a day for firsts. First time submitting to the Daily Stroll and first time trying out a new moisturizer. I've been a big fan of the Olay Total Effects 7x Visible Anti-Aging Vitamin Complex Fragrance Free UVA/UVB Protection--I just turned 35. Today however when I dropped by the drug store to pick up a prescription I remembered I needed some moisturizer the store was out of my regular brand. What they did have was the CVS store brand of the same product. Growing up in Florida I became a bit crazy about facial moisturizer--about the only facial routine I've ever been able to follow. So I tried it--it's $5 cheaper than the brand name, it smells the same (even though they are both advertised as frangrance-free) and it feels the same. I'm not sure if it will really work. But I'll keep you posted. Anyone else out there have a particular moisturizer they like? I'd love to hear about it. I've tried tons from the most expensive to the cheapest.

invention idea #1

So here I am writing my first blog and I don't even know what a blog is. What is the difference between a blog and a website? It seems that more and more of the sites that I go to these days call themselves blogs, but whatever.

I'm just settling in for my hour or so of "me time" before I pass out from the utter exhaustion of the day. At 4 1/2 months, we are into week two of solid foods. Tonight things were starting to go a little better. Msp was just learning to actually swallow some of the food, instead of pushing it back out with her tongue, and then she decides to start blowing raspberries after each spoonful. It goes spewing out everywhere. She thinks its the greatest feat, and it is cute and funny, but it hasn't yet happened when I have on clothes that I actually care about. So that gave me the best idea for a new invention- a bib for mommies to wear to protect our clothing. But would that just be an apron? You'll learn that I am always trying to come up with clever inventions. Have you seen that Oprah that has all the moms that are rich because they invented stuff like toilet paper protectors? Oprah's Million Dollar Idea Challenge My idea is so much better than that- I mean clothes cost a lot more than toilet paper. I better get a patent before someone steals my idea. Looking forward to getting to know you all!


The search is over!

We did it, we found a few good Mama's!

We posed an offer to our readers and we now have 6 Mama's from all over the country who will be contributing to the website and blog.

Look out, you are going to get tons of useful information from all sorts of different women. Keep coming back to see what they have to say!

I want to thank all of the Moms who contacted us and we are so glad to see that you enjoy the website!


Happy Days

Even though I have never seen an episode of Happy Days the song is stuck in my head today. Maybe it is the fresh air I got for a change as it is finally over 60degrees here in upstate, NY.

You know what else makes me happy? A good sale.

Check it out Mama's- our fave spot,
GlamaJama.com has quite a lovely virtual sale rack to choose from.
Size 4T "Sugar" girls tee. Only $10!!!! Yes, I said $10.00.

Have you seen a sale? Want to tell your fellow ThriftyMama's? Post a comment below!


Exercise and Patronize

So Ruby and I just got home from what we like to call "Exercise and Patronize" which is where to we go to our big mall here in Albany and we walk (she strolls) briskly in and out of stores comparison shopping. We are Thrifty Chick's so ofcourse we hunt through each store and go back to the one that had the best look for less. This is also of course research for future articles and a business expense.

What did we get today?

Bronze Metallic Bag from Aldo Shoes
Bronze Metallic Wedges from Chinese Laundry
White sequin Blazer and 2 tees from Old Navy One in black one in Lilac
Black Wedge flip flops and 2 Ribbed Tanks from J.Crew One in Black and One in Poppy
A sequin cardigan thingy from The Limited and 2 very lovely camisoles as they are nice and long and look great! One in brown, one in turquoise.
ALL on sale!

Will post links later when I get a chance.

We encourage to you to "Exercise and Patronize"

- Thrifty Mama & Thrifty Baby


Free Shipping At Miele Fresca!

For a very limited time get free shipping on any order up to $100 at MieleFresca.com!

Your shipping fee will be subtracted automatically at checkout.
Expires 4.17.05

Thrifty Mama Interview

Did you see our interview at ThriftyChick with founder, president and Mom Inventor of the Patemm Pad, Grace Welch?

Talk about an inspirational journey!

Head over to http://wwww.thriftychick.com/index.php?cPath=40

Read about Grace and watch as the ThriftyChick exposes Grace's thrifty side. We all have one!

Is there someone you would like to see interviewed? Let us know by emailing at mamaATthriftymamadailyDOTcom.


A Few Good Moms- Join Us

Ok Mama's we need you! Do you like to write? Do you have good stuff to say and a desire to have adult conversations during the day?

We are looking for a few good moms to join our team. Our new website will be up soon and we hope to bring our loyal readers some more information about real mom experiences, tips and tricks and great goodies.

This is a great opportunity for Women who are interested in pursuing a writing career as our website is viewed by thousands daily and you never know who is looking! All it takes is one person in the media to scoop you up as their next feature writer!

If you are interested email us a short bio about yourself and your location. Send emails to mama@thriftymamadailyDOTcom (we are using DOT instead of . to avoid spambots).

During the next couple of weeks we are reviewing the bios and will select a few good moms to be contributing editors at ThriftyMamaDaily.com! You will receive the benefit of free goodies when submitted by boutiques and designers and a byline on all of your contributions. When the website garners even more interest for ad space due to your contributions a small stipend or commission will be a strong possibility.

Thank you for being a ThriftyMama!


Mama Chatter: 9 Months...

So since this is a blog for mama chatter I thought I would enlighten you with some of my personal mama goings on...

I have written this post 3 times today and my faithful blogger has deleted each post. I am wicked psyched about blogger. love it to death. refuse to capitalize the proper letters and will try and keep an eye on the spelling for you but for right now I am just getting the words down.

Today was Ruby's 9 month well visit. She is perfect but we already knew that. She has no teeth although she does have "teeth holders" as my husband called gums when he was a toddler and wondered why his baby brother's teeth holders were empty. She is super long and lean at 30 inches and 17.5lbs and will most likely be an astronaut/supermodel and support her writer/consultant mama and daddy drummer.

So since it's been 9 months I am wondering why I am still carrying some extra poundage around. Probably because I don't excercise. That is my guess. It can be difficult when you have spent the last 4 months inside for fear of freezing in the northeast climate. I also have no childcare so a fancy gym is out of the question. I am now on a liquid diet ( no not booze) of slim fast and it better work because I have to be on TV May23 to discuss Summer Accessories.

Last night on the couch I decided to have some peanuts around 9pm to which my dear husband said "are you sure you want to eat this close to bedtime" he really is only trying to support me in my constant complaining about my fatness but still.... coming from a 6'7" 190lb guy who likes to eat green veggies, drinks 2 liters of water a day and doesn't like dessert, its a little hard take.

More from my brain tomorrow. I bet you can't wait!

-Thrifty Mama

PS. My new fave blog: Celebrity Baby Blog Get the deets on who is knocked up in Hollywood and who is responsible for it. What they are wearing, carrying for a diaper bag, pushing for a stroller. The blog is run by a great mama to be who understands a great balance of humor and professionalism which I adore.


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