Happy Ladybug

I just can't resist kids in adorable rain gear! Baby Ultimate has a range of funky boots and coats with frogs, ladybugs, kitty, and firefighter designs. The best accessory to these outfits is the matching umbrella! For other bits, check out their clearance page where most items are 50% off!

Mommy Metallics

Believe it or not but this is a dipaer bag. That's right ... it includes a quilted changing mat and bottle holder. We mommies don't have to be left out of the current metallics trend. This diaper bag is offered by The Gap and it's on sale for $59.99, regular price $68.00.

This diaper bag comes in gold and sea glass. Visit Gap.com for more information on how to order this chic diaper bag.


Whatever makes travelling easier

So, we just did a country trip-6 hour flight. 2 kids. You can only imagine.
What helped a bit was that my 4 year old could wheel around his own luggage. With a baby in one arm, diaper bag, my carry on, snacks...it made it that much easier to have one less toy bag to carry on. Check out Kids Travel Zone. They custom embroider travel gear with kids' names and 20 other fun decals.

Shoe Habits Start Early

I just got an email from a hot kids shoe designer and had to spread the word. I am craving these for Ruby's fall wardrobe and can't wait to get a pair!

Meet www.seekairun.com

No shopping cart at their site yet but a TON of stores carry the line online and off- check it here:

Eating Out Can Be Fun

A mommy in my playgroup raves about the Chalkmats by Sam and Bellie. She uses it for her 7 and 4 year old children and they love it. You just roll the mat up and pack it in your bag. This adorable Chalkmat keeps the little ones entertained while you're waiting for your food. To make the waiting fun, and since her children are a little older, she plays games such as tic-tac-toe and hangman on the Chalkmat. Sam and Bellie offers the Chalkmat in a variety of delightful patterns.

You can find these endearing Chalkmats at Sam and Bellie's website, or check their boutique list for a retail location near you.


Playing with food

We are in the middle of introducing little Baby B to new tastes and textures within the solid food field. Sometimes it's a hit, sometimes it's not. Just to let you know, anything with just a hint of potato in it, is yuky according to Baby B. But pasta italian style is great! I'm trying to cook most of his dinners myself, and I found Wholesome Baby Food, a site with tons of ideas, recepies, tips and information. Just what I need to get started!

Sweet Hair Accessories

I adore seeing little girls with their hair pinned up with delightful hair accessories. They look even prettier! If you already have hair pins and elastic bands, then you must add even more to your collection with hair accessories from Pamela Marcuzzi. Pamela Marcuzzi offers endearing hair accessories for babies and toddlers.

These lovely hair accessories can be found at Pampered Tot's website. Visit their website for these pretty butterfly hair clips and more adorable designs.


Happiness is....

Happiness is...a sleeping toddler and a new stroller!
This weekend we splurged on a new ride for Joe: a new black Mountain Buggy Urban Single stroller. We had walked 2-4 miles/day in my old stroller, and we decided it might be better to get something that made the walking a little easier.

We actually went shopping with the intention to buy a Bob Revolution (about $60 thriftier and with a much better sunshade), but dear hubby pointed out he couldn't see me pushing the very logo-heavy and sporty looking stroller. An excellent observation, I think. The MBUS goes everywhere the BOB could, but with more sleekness and style.

Joe showed his approval by falling asleep on the 3-block walk home from the park today. Admittedly, my favorite part is the extra little pockets in the basket for my water bottle and keys. Happy Trails!!

Baby's Best Friend

Why not show some appreciation for your baby's best friend...the family dog. We just got a puppy/baby's best friend, so we'll be sure to pick up one of these great doggy tees once he gets a little bigger. From Materni-tee.com .

Baby Gags

This is so appropriate for my son! The Milk Junkie! Everytime he sees the milk jug he throws a fit. Baby Gags creates baby apparel and accessories which conveys your baby's personality. Baby Gags' collection includes hip apparel, mugs, accessories, ball caps, and gift sets.

Visit Baby Gags' website for more idealist designs and humor.


Baby signs

I've recommended these books to so many people (including my own local blog) that I think it might be time to recommend them here as well.

Joe was a little late getting started with the baby signing thing, but I think we must have introduced them just in time. We picked the bedtime book up at the library downtown when Joe was about 14 months old. He looked through it on his own, and when I sat down with him about 5 minutes later, he was showing me the signs that the babies in the book were doing. I think it is the real photos of the babies that got his attention, but whatever it was, it worked. We bought the other versions soon afterwards.
He has started talking now, so the signs have disappeared from his communication efforts, but he still loves to make the animal signs along with the babies in the book.

The tooth fairy is coming tonight!

After a visit to a great Toronto baby store this week, I found these very cute and inexpensive tooth fairy pillows made by Rich Frog. Measuring only 3"x4", you can pick up one of each of their 8 designs. Especially at $3.39 a piece online through Bambino Mountain! A great way to make losing teeth a little more pleasurable.

Splurge on a Japanese Weekend

Outfit that is. If you need just a couple of great outfits for your suave mommy-to-be body, take a look at the apparel by Japanese Weekend. San Francisco's Japanese Weekend offers fashionable, well-designed, and relaxed maternity clothing.

Here's a stunning look for a lovely summer night out. The off the shoulder top has adjustable straps with a built-in bra. The top comes in kiwi and pink. Now you're going to love this ... the skirt is 2 in 1. It's a skirt that turns into a tube top.

I wished I had that when I was pregnant. It's nice to get an article of clothing that is so versatile. What's even better is that the 2 in 1 skirt is on sale for $46.99, from the original price of $66.00! Visit Japanese Weekend's website for more great outfits and don't forget to check out their sale items too!


Keepsake card

From the makers of those colourful alphabet fridge magnets, come these adorable baby announcement cards with a keepsake magnet. I always feel guilty throwing away cards, but really how many can you keep! Now, you can at least save part of it. From Each An Original, a fab Canadian company.

I Want a Glug Baby

To add to my son's hip anthology of tees are these charming motifs from San Francisco company, Glug Baby. Glug Baby offers a collection of tees ranging from retro to pop culture. My faves are the flash from the past Big Wheel and Record Player. Glug Baby also has adorable prints for girls. I fancy the white dove on the branch tree. It looks so serene and tranquil. Visit Glug Baby's website for further delightful designs.


Stokke test-drive

Joe and I test-drove the Stokke Xplory today. We are on the hunt for a 3-wheeler, but I saw the Xplory in the store and had to test it out.

My feeling was it was not a stroller for us. It seemed like it would be really nice for a young baby or less wriggly toddler---if there is such a thing?

The seat was really high; it made me nervous to have him up there wiggling. Not to mention, it wasn't that easy to get him into it. You can adjust it lower, but that seems to kind of defeat the advantages of the stroller.
Joe is big guy for not being two yet; at 30 lbs, 36", he was really too big for it already.

There's the scoop...and if anyone wants to send one of the new BOB Revolution strollers our way, we would be happy to accept. (:

Summer Sale at Babystyle

Babystyle.com is holding their summer sale and it is full of wonderful deals! Take for example this adorable Hibiscus Pants Set for Kids. The top is a loose fitting peasant blouse with gathered elastic details. The matching gauze bootleg pants has a floral print cuff at the hems to finish the outfit. This endearing set originally sold for $43.00, but it's now on sale for $31.99. How can you resist?

Visit babystyle.com for this terrific outfit and more additional bargains!


Baby Buggy Buzz

A little Mama Reader Birdie told me that she is excited that Orbit Baby is coming out with a new top of the line stroller travel system. I said "Orbit Baby- what is that?"

Low and behold by logging on to their website I got a sneak peek at the new product and some press info from their PR diva! 3 years in the making it is all very secretive but here is the press release: http://www.orbitbaby.com/press/may05pr.html

Take a peek yourself at this infant travel system. To all of you new preggies out there! Take note and start your wish list off right with the child transport system by Orbit Baby available late 2005.

Check it out for yourself at www.orbitbaby.com and always stay tuned to ThriftyMama for up to the minute details about where you can get it, exact price points ( we are thinking around $800 for complete system) and hopefully we can work out a nice deal for our readers for launch!

Dribble Factory for Everyone

Sorry if this design offends anyone, but I thought it was hilarious considering my son was stuck there for four hours. I bet it wasn't pleasant for him, and I know it wasn't a day in the park for me! Dribble Factory offers designs from their New Range collection articulating what we believe our babies would verbalize to us if they could. Their designs are hilarious and so full of attitude! Their apparel comes in three different styles, onesies, short-sleeve T,and long-sleeve T.

Visit Dribble Factory's website to see these styles and more.



I just ran across this tshirt and think its so funny. I'm laughing out loud, actually. Had to share. The whole line is hilarious.

Not Too Crabby

I just decided I need to get MSP a 4th of July outfit. We're having people over to cook out and watch the fireworks so I figured that warrented something new. I'm looking for some type of patriotic smocked dress (are smocked dresses just a southern thing?) but I ran across this Lilly that I feel in love with. Unfortunately, they don't have MSP's size. Maybe next year. I adore Lilly.

No more topless girlies

Now, finally swimdiapers for girls that actually have tops attached! Kooshies makes a suit with a backless halter top that ties around girlie's neck, and a waterproof, diaper bottom. Only $12 from Babies In The Sun.

Educational and Charming Wall Decorations

I remember seeing cards with individual letters hanging on the wall at school, but the cards at my school didn't have these delightful designs printed on them as seen in the Animal Parade Alphabet Wall Cards. The Animal Parade Alphabet Wall Cards by Eeboo is a set of 26 8" x 10" cards. The cards are printed on heavy card stock and come tied in a ribbon, set in a wonderful gift box. Eeboo takes children's products that have been loved for generations and re-create them in their own original style.

The Animal Parade Alphabet Wall Cards and other great products from Eeboo can be found at here.


For Daddies

We are always thinking of ourselves! What about those cool daddies who change diapers?

Later this week will chat more about this on the "daily stroll" but just a quick peek at what PreggersN'Proud has for us now! We first talked about this maternity wear company last Fall and love to be surprised by their new creations!


Diaper Bag Fix

Seems like everyone is addicted to diaper bags. Even though I have 3 and hardly ever take the time to change them out, I still look at them and talk myself out of buying them all the time. Here is one that I really must have. It looks so chic and undiaperbagish, if you know what I mean. But then it has all the bells and whistles to make it truly functional. Too many to name really. Check it out for yourself. Fabulous fabric choices too.

Cowboy or Indian

When I was little, my cousins and I were obsessed with building forts. Whenever we all got together we would gather up all the sheets and blankets in the house and make these massive forts to crawl around and play in. Well with my hectic life, I would not be too pleased if MSP made a fort and then I had to refold all my bedding. I hate folding laundry. Problem solved. These are the cutest kids tee pees and tents I've ever seen. The tee pee is available at pinktaffydesigns.com and comes with a personalized sign and many adorable fabrics- even weatherproof Sunbrella. I found the tent at warmbiscuit.com and it also comes in different fabrics. I can't decide which I like better. What great spots for children to play, read or even nap!

Tea Anyone?

Kids love having tea parties. Why not add a few handmade crocheted items such as Pepperberry's sushi, ice cream cones and cakes? They'll last for years, they're squishy, machine washable, and they have child safety eyes. Great for the boys who want to join in on the party but don't want a pink teacup!

What an Adorable Monkey on Your Back

I wish they made these for adults too. These delightful backpacks for children are made by Blabla. They come in a variety of designs and these endearing faces are made of bulky 100% cotton and are handknitted. All backpacks are lined and have a zipper closure.

Visit Blabla's website for more charming backpacks designs and other fabulous products.


A sac o' burnin' love

I tried so many baby carriers when my babies were tiny and I ended up practically sleeping with the sling. I loved the sling because baby could sleep, sit frontwards ( when bigger), and even sit facing you in it. The only problem was that they didn't come in the greatest patterns for some reason! Zolo Wear makes some fun ones and even solid ones...'Burnin' Love' is one of my faves. They also make beautiful silk brocades for your fancier times. I could have used that one at the last wedding I went to, instead of the ol' forest green with black tree pattern!!

Mama's little helper

We've been having a lot of fun in the kitchen together lately: making cookies, washing dishes, frying pancakes...

Joe usually stands on a chair, and I have to stand right next to him. It also makes it a little confusing for him when he can't figure out why he can stand on the chair in the kitchen, but not on the same chair when it is in the dining room. I came across the Learning Tower. I think it is a little big for my teeny-tiny kitchen, but what a great idea!

The Learning Tower is $149.95 at Babycenter.com with free shipping right now.

Weeblocks Anyone

If you have a boy like I do you know you're bound to be hit by that yellow stream. You think you can catch it before it happens, but forget about it. For some unknown cosmic factor I am always caught off guard. If you seem to always get targeted then Weeblock is for you. Weeblock is an absorbent cup covering that you place between your son's legs at changing time. Under the top layer of cotton jersey is the saving grace, an absorbing sponge. Of course everything is machine washable.

You can find Weeblocks at Sozo's website for only $10.00.