The Children's Place Sale

Stop by one of their stores if you have time, their ongoing Monster sale has some great deals. I just bought my son 5 cargo/volley shorts for $3.99 each. One of the shorts is the style found below. Click here to find a store near you!


Free Time?

We know that free time is scarce when you are a Mama! BUT..... if you ever get any pop over to our forum! There you can ask serious questions in hopes of guidance from your fellow moms, or be silly and post gossip, silly things your partner or kids say or just hang out and see what everyone is talking about!


Got baby stuff to sell? Swap? Watch out soon for our swap meet category where you can place a free classified add to sell or buy or swap with fellow mama's! Connect with the buyer or seller via private message through the forum for free!


The Daily Stroll

Ok Mama's our favorite Mom site for all things super fun and exclusive has grown overnight!

Thanks to our web designer www.curiouslight.com ( who I suggest you contact should you ever need a HOT website and awesome customer service) we have expanded Thrifty Mama Daily.com to accomodate many new categories. Now being called The Daily Stroll.

A few weeks back we had rolled out another website and due to a frivoulous lawsuit threat we have decided to keep it real and keep it at home by just expanding on a good thing. With support from our designer, our mom writers, the owner of our forum software, and our big fancy NYC lawyer we built the site up overnight so that you would not miss a thing!

Check it out: www.TheDailyStroll.com

Look out for the Daddy, Style, Book and Pet Pages to update often! Visit the forum for real mama chatter.

Happy weekend!

Fairy Dust

As tradition has it, you place your newly fallen out tooth under your pillow and wait in anticipation for the Tooth Fairy to come while you're asleep. She will reward you with a gift in exchange for your tooth. Pretty exciting for any little tike to wake up to gifts and the idea that losing teeth is a good thing! I sure hope she still visits me when I start losing my adult teeth one day!
Toddleposh carries keepsake Tooth Fairy Kits, which include the traditional story, and little packets of Fairy Dust (edible glitter) in various colours. After she sprinkles the bedroom, she will place the precious tooth in one of the six included envelopes for you to enjoy in a scrapbook for years to come.

Roxy Girl

With school starting in less than 2 months, your daughter can carry her lunch in style with Roxy Girl's Boxed Lunch. The lunch box is made out of metal and adorned in lovely pink, burgundy, and blue hearts. The Roxy Girl Lunch Box also includes a Thermos. This takes me back to my day and my assortment of metal lunch boxes and matching thermoses. Visit Swell's website to order one for your young aspiring female student.


Precious Metal

You probably have some bronze baby shoes in your family. Maybe they were yours or maybe even your mother's or grandmother's. Keep the tradition alive by having your precious little one's first scoots preserved for prosperity. As an update on the bronze classic, you can also choose from gold, silver or pewter. Or get a little crazy and do baby's pacifier, bottle, first toy, first dance shoes, first baseball mitt, or even your big pregnant belly! The list is endless. They'll do anything. I mean, they bronzed a bagel! You'll have to go to the site and check it out for yourself because their images are protected and I couldn't link them. The bronzery.com is very cool though.

Forbes Loves Thrifty Chick/ Daily Stroll


Thrifty Chick:
For the fashionable and the frugal. Designer-loving shoppers with less than designer-friendly bank accounts will find the scoop on stylish products, online deals and high-end samples sales (mostly in New York and Los Angeles), along with beauty and fashion news. ThiftyChick's intrepid contributors--shopaholics all--blog almost daily, with recent posts highlighting toenail decals, chocolate confections shaped like snazzy fashion accessories, J. Crew's newly introduced bridal line and a recent blowout sale at Armani Exchange. Click over to sister blog, The Daily Stroll (http://thedailystroll.blogspot.com /) for a similar resource for baby and maternity items.
Visit Forbes.com for the rest of the reviews:

MAJOR Thanks to all of the ThriftyChick/ Daily Stroll Writers. You rock and the chick loves you.

Knitted Booties

I've tried knitting a pair of booties for my son a few times, but they always came out a little too big. Now that he's older, I've given up on the booties, but these lovely booties from Blabla have sparked my interest in knitting again. I first came across Blabla because of their adorable backpacks. Venturing further into their website, I came across their 100% cotton hand knitted booties. My favorite is the Horsie Booties seen above. Each bootie has button closures for secure wear. The booties are sized for 6 months but can stretch up to 12 months. Visit Blabla's website to see additional charming designs.


Stride Rite Fall Preview Sale

We don't have a lot of shoe choices when it comes to accommodating my toddlers big ol' double-wide feet. We have come to love Stride-Rite because there are so many styles available in his size. Stock up now! The Fall Preview sale has just started: buy one pair, get one 50% off.

Here's the scoop, and a store locator.

DO not forget

If you remember to do one thing today this should be it. Only 2 weeks left of this amazing contest. If you have not entered please do so now.

Picture this. You are all wrapped up in a fabulous cashmere blanket
with your child. Picture this, you won it.
Yes that is right- did not spend a dime. 100% beautiful cashmere, and you have a chance to make it yours just for being a loyal Daily Stroll Reader! We have partnered up with Lucky Jade
Products and they have graciously offered up one of their full size cashmere blankets to a lucky Thrifty Mama. Read the details below on how to make it yours.

Here is what you do.

This is exclusively for Thrifty Mama's so take advantage!

1. Visit this link to enter:

2. Enter your name and email address in the super secure little box
3. Read the rules just for the heck of it
4. Sit back and wish your little heart out until the winner is called
5. Look forward to more contests from Thrifty Mama

Going Sale Crazy

So people are going nuts over the Nordstrom.com Summer Sale. It all ends really soon so clicky and picky and buy up!

My little sister was rambling to me about how she scored Seven For All Mankinds Jeans, a hot watch some other cool stuff all at amazing prices. If you are lucky enough to have a store near you head there. If not, stay home in the Air Conditioning and shop while your baby is napping!

Just do not miss it!

Anniversary Sale 125x125

Babysitter Message Board

If I ever get up the courage to leave my son with a sitter I'll be sure to pick up a Babysitter Message Board from Baby Oliver Boutique. This is a 8x10 dry erase board that contains places for you to write vital information such as emergency numbers, meal times, bedtimes, medications, allergies, etc ... The Babysitter Message Board comes embellished with old-fashioned labels. The board also comes with a dry erase pen. This would make a marvelous gift for someone you know or for yourself. Baby Oliver Boutique offers these message boards in three different styles. Visit their website for more information.


Milk Factory Sale

One of Canada's finest ,Milk Factory, has put their Emergency Diaper Kit on sale! This fab package includes all the basics: a Grab n' Go Bag, red Spillproof Change Pad, and Quick Wick short sleeve onsie in your choice of color. Just add diapers, hook this baby onto your stroller and you're on your way.

Win a LucyAnn Bracelet

LucyAnn is giving you a chance to win a Special Edition Sea Charms Bracelet, a $94 value. If you haven't alrealy stumbled upon LucyAnn in fine baby stores, they make gorgeous silver jewels and gifts for little ones, cutomized with baby's name.
Enter soon to win the bracelet! Sweepstakes end Aug 10/05.

What Time is the Show?

Pick up this Puppetto's Theatre Stage for the creative little ones in your family. This theatre backdrop is perfectly setup for finger puppet plays. The stage comes with its own red curtain and a handle for easy transport. The show must go on where ever you go. Go to SFMOMA's website to order Puppetto's Theatre Stage for your aspiring stage actors.


Redeem Those Gymbucks

It's time to redeem those Gymbucks you've earned before. Head on over to Gymboree and take a look at their new collections and sale markdowns. I picked up almost the entire "Wild West" line for my son. The line includes such adorable tees, pants, jackets, and accessories.

Check out a Gymboree store near you or their website to see more of their new lines and other fabulous markdowns.


Infantile Tees

I just ordered the Little Punk tee for my son and can't wait for it to arrive. He's becoming such a rebel these days and I thought this shirt was more than appropriate. The Little Punk tee pays reverence to the my son's favorite bands ... "The Undisciplined", "No Nap", "Bedtime Sucks", etc ... My rocker tee comes courtesy of Infantile. Infantile was founded by two gentlemen who were tired of the lack of hip and trendy pieces for kids. Their line of apparel features illustrations by an awesome collection of artists. Check out Infantile's website for their line of fashionable garb.


The Hamptons

Visit the Hamptons this weekend? Hamptons Tushie Towels, that is. From the creators of those parents-of-baby-boys staple, the 'Pee Pee Tee Pee', come 100% cotton change pads. Fabulous Urban Baby, born in Vancouver (unbiased), has put out a line of plush pads adorned with stylin' patterns...Hamptons Hillside, Cowboy, Pucci Print to name a few. Check em out!!


Be Protected

We have the hot scoop on a great item to protect your precious cargo from bugs, sun etc on your next outing. The Sunveil Sun Protector. Get it at Cheeky Monkey and cover your carseat, stroller or play pen.

Here is a link to an exclusive 10% off sale on this item. They are flying off the shelves so hurry and protect your little bugga from the buggers.


I got my diaper bag today from Uncommon Goods. I can't believe it is here already especially because I thought they were out on vacation.

Anyway ( if you have no idea what I am talking about here is my previous post where if you are a lucky MamaChick you can get a Skip Hop Diaper bag for only $34.50 http://thedailystroll.blogspot.com/2005/07/big-deal-alert.html )

Blue or Pink which one are you going to get???!!!

Turn it into a bib

Kipiis Bib Clips let you get your creative juices flowing. You know those moments when you 'are just running out for a minute' and you leave the diaper bag behind because you won't need anything? Then, baby barfs. You end up using your own shirt to wipe it up, or take off one of baby's socks.
Well, if you have a set of Bib Clips, you can turn anything, even a cloth diaper, into a bib to prevent these messes from happening. Small enough that you won't even notice them in your diaper bag! Consider them a staple. Available at Modern Mini.

Relive the past

Beanbags immediately conjure up warm, fuzzy images of my seventies childhood. I can remember Saturday mornings, laying across my bean bag, eating cereal and watching cartoons (remember Jem?) Well your little ones can now do the same thing except with the new alternative to those dated beanbags of the past! The original FatBoy will surely become your little one's favorite spot! Also available is the FatBoy Point, a smaller version for the tiny ones. They're truly, truly, truly outrageous! You can find them at Modernseed.com.


Ma Ma

ma-ma. Those long awaited, precious first syllables. The mama collection, designed by Tali Gallette, was inspired to capture this wonderful milestone. The collection includes necklaces, bracelets and earings. This chic and unique jewelry is a must for stylish moms. And I almost forgot- Gwyneth has the necklace.

Bring Marty the Monkey Home

Give your child a new best friend that he can lean on, or should I say sit on? Babystyle is offering a tremendous deal on all of their stuffed supersize chairs. Marty the Monkey offers a lovable face surrounded by his comforting hands and feet. Marty has chamois-soft fur and plush stuffing to make him a welcome coziness to read a book or for just watching the latest Dora episode.

Babystyle offers their oversized chairs in other posh animal styles. Visit Babystyle for more details on these chairs. Also for a limited time Babystyle is offering free "supersize" shipping on these chairs, a $16.95 value!

New Fall Line and 10% off for YOU Mama

I have been waiting so patiently for the beSmall Fall 2005 line of tees to be released. We chatted with the designer late Spring and said PUH-lease tell us when the new tees are done and guess what- they are!

Visit: www.besmall.com
for some clever Long Sleeve Tees only $21!

But you are a Thrifty Mama who gets the scoop right here so you get 10% off your first order using code: thriftymama at checkout!
I like the "Be Clever" one the best!

A friend in need...

Beloved child hood friend of our partners, www.bigcitymoms.com and PR executive Shari Kurzrok is in need of a Liver Transplant STAT. Please read the article below and help if you can. Thank you for your time.

Bottom Line is that this is sudden, unexpected and urgent.

Here is the vital information:
Potential donors must be Type A or Type O blood. Anyone wanting to help Shari with a liver transplant referral should call: 877-223-3386 or email: liverforalife@yahoo.com

Article from Daily Fashion Report

Article from Business Wire


Natural Nappies

Sorry about all the posts about Gwyneth and Apple lately but I just ran across a bunch of good scoops. This picture is from when they were on Valentino's yacht a month or so ago. In the picture you can see that Apple is wearing diapers by Nature Boy and Girl. They are supposed to be environmentally friendly and much softer and more comfortable for babies. Touted as the nappy for the new age! Check them out at Nature Boy and Girl or at Drugstore.com.

Rockin' Baby Sling

Tote your baby around with this hip and trendy sling by Rockin' Baby Sling. Not only does it look good, but when properly used it's safe and secure for your child. This sling is appropriate for babies and toddlers up to 35lbs. The Rockin' Baby Slings come in fabulous patterns and fabrics for both mommies and daddies. Visit Rockin' Baby Sling's website to see more of their great styles.


High Maintenance

Do you have one of these? Not the suitcase, but the 'high maintenance' girl? If you answered 'yes', then her heighness must have one of these adorable stackable suitcases from Bug-A-Boo. In fact, Bug-A-Boo carries a great range of girlie suitcases to pile high and hide all those dollies!

Soul- Bubba

I like this tee. I don't know what it is about it... maybe its the fact that its preppy but not in an "in your face" way.

Either way, cute new find: www.soul-bubba.com

BIG Deal Alert

So I was surfing around Uncommon Goods website and saw this!! Oh my stars I feel so lucky. I hope they have a pink one left for me!!

Canvas Duo Diaper Bags Only $34.95. Original Price $50. Could they be the Skip Hop ones? I am not confirming as they have not confirmed it on UncommonGoods but this is a ThriftyMama Steal.. I don't pretend to be a gear expert so I won't even go there but it looks close enough for me!


Shopping Event Alert! - NYC


Hazardous! to the ordinary

Baby Laundry has such a unique assortment of baby fashions, shoes, accessories, and diaper bags from top designers in the baby world. These Me In Mind Skull and Crossbones slippers are a fine example of their not-so-ordinary range. If you are looking for something just a little different, and on sale, check em out.

New Find! Tomat Kids

Super cute and stylish! I have been informed by my secret source about a fun site for stylin' kids:

"Even the Cool Drool" Tee

Check it out! Get Free Shipping if you order 3 or more shirts!

Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince

You don't have to be a kid to enjoy Harry Potter. I have read every Harry Potter book since it was first released and love love love it! I'm hoping that when my son gets older he will want to spend his time with Harry Potter and the gang just like mommy.

If you haven't read any of the books in the Harry Potter series, you can always pick up the other books in paperback or audio form. Or even better watch the movie. There have been three Harry Potter movies made so far with the fourth soon to be released.

Visit Amazon.com's website to get more information about the new Harry Potter book and the past Harry Potter releases as well. Get into the Harry Potter craze!


Mommy's turn

This one is for mom and mom-to-be. Babies-n-Bellies has a great selection of maternity wear and a must-see sale page! You know how expensive maternity duds can be...these cool tops range from $11-$25! They also carry a little something for under your maternity fashions...a pregnancy piercing! After 12 years of sporting my belly ring, my growing belly could have used this replacement one..


The Nest Chair

Okay, I know this is not "thrifty" but it is interestng. For those of you that haven't figured it out yet, it took me awhile, this is a combination high chair/cool low chair called the Nest Chair. The Nest Chair manufacturer states that this chair will fit infants from 6 months to 6 years. The chair goes from Nest Dine [6 months - 2 years] to Nest Boost [2-4 years] to finally Nester [low chair up to 6 years]. If you're curious about the price, visit Modernseed's website for more information.


Private Offer- Sophie & Lili

Our friends at Sophie and Lili just gave us some great scoop! Their Fall 05 line is ready and they want us to be the first to grab it up. Pre-order now- it ships in August!

Shop this link today and also receive 15% off for being a ThriftyMama! Don't say we never give you anything! http://www.sophieandlili.com/fallsale.html

Enter: thriftymama in the comments box during checkout. You will receive a 15% refund within 24 hours of the sale.

What's In Your Fortune

Pick up a piece of good fortune by taking a look at baby and kids tees from Fortune Tee. Fortune Tee offers a cool line of baby and kids' apparel printed with whimsical messages that play on the maxims found in Chinese fortune cookies. My favorite proverb is "Confucius Says: Drool is the nectar of knowledge.". I wish!

Fortune Tee also makes maternity shirts with their own adages. If I do get pregnant again, I'll be sure to get the "An epidural is in my near future". This is based on personal experience.

The tees are made out of 100% cotton and come in varying styles. All tees are shipped in their own Fortune Tee Takeout box.

Visit Fortune Tee's website for more great designs for babies, kids, moms-to-be, women's and men's.


Cookies for mama

A friend of mine just gave me the scoop on a new magazine for parents that is being launched this fall: Cookie.
The magazine is supposed to be a "new upscale lifestyle magazine for sophisticated parents," and the editor-in-chief's and VP's careers include positions at Real Simple, Jane and Glamour to name a few.
We can't wait to read it!

Posh Panda Sleep Sack

Tuck your little one into her Posh Panda's sleep sack by Sozo Designs. This sleep sack is so sweet in soft pink and salmon colors topping it off with her adorable green bow. Sliding your infant into this sack is made easier with snaps at the shoulders and underarms. There is also a concealed zipper going down the right side and bottom. This sleep sack also comes in the Frog on the Fly design as well.

These delightful sleep sacks can be found at Sozo Designs' website.


Hey mom, look at this one!

My son gets a real kick out of what he's just done, if you know what I mean. He won't let me flush until he 'checks it out'. The BabyWunder clear potty, at The EC Store, lets children get excited about going to the potty like a big kid. Best part about this contemporary design is that it won't clash with your wallpaper! It will work in any room, darling.

Yummy Tummy Mat

Here's another feeding mat that will give you the peace of mind knowing that your child is eating off a sanitary area. This is the Yummy Tummy Mat offered from The Right Start. The Yummy Tummy Mat has a no slip, no skid design. This mat helps to prevent spills with its designated 3 compartment dish, cup holder and utensil sections. The mat is also top rack dishwasher safe.

The Yummy Tummy Mat is on sale for $6.98 at The Right Start's website. Check their website for more great sale items.


No Time for a Mani?

I'm all about looking good and keeping up appearances, but after having a baby, there are some things I'm finding it hard to devote as much time to. Like nails. Scheduling a manicure and enough time afterwards to prevent smudges and chips is almost impossible. These new nail enhancer pens from Neutrogena are fabulous. Just brush on and your nails look clean, shiny and buffed. Its not really a polish, so there is no dry time, and it wears off naturally and evenly so you never have to worry about chips or peeling polish. Takes about 30 seconds. This is truly a genius invention. It comes in buff and pearl, but I've only tried the buff. Check it out at drugstore.com.

Just for You- Win A Cashmere Blanket

Picture this. You are all wrapped up in a fabulous cashmere blanket
with your child. Picture this, you won it.
Yes that is right- did not spend a dime. 100% beautiful cashmere, and you have a chance to make it yours just for being a loyal Daily Stroll Reader! We have partnered up with Lucky Jade
Products and they have graciously offered up one of their full size cashmere blankets to a lucky Thrifty Mama. Read the details below on how to make it yours.

Here is what you do.

This is exclusively for Thrifty Mama's so take advantage!

1. Visit this link to enter:

2. Enter your name and email address in the super secure little box
3. Read the rules just for the heck of it
4. Sit back and wish your little heart out until the winner is called
5. Look forward to more contests from Thrifty Mama