Tiny Tyrants

I'm disappointed that my son won't fit in these clothes because they are just so hip and stylish. Of course in homage to my husband, my fave is the Camaro pop art print. Tiny Tyrants offers apparel printed with signature graphics in vibrant colors and patterns. All apparel is made out of 100% cotton and machine washable. The tees come in either short or long sleeve. Visit Tiny Tyrants to see more of their fashionable prints.


Cozmo Tot

I’m always on the lookout for children’s apparel printed with amusing catch-phrases. If you feel the same, then check out Cozmo Tot. Started by two women who wanted to capture the tribulations of parenthood, Cozmo Tot features children’s garb printed with entertaining phrases, symbols, and cozmic signs. Cozmo Tot’s apparel is available in short and long-sleeve onesies, made out of 100% cotton. Visit Cozmo Tot’s website to see more of their adorable designs.


Who is your favorite?

Over on the forums we are having a vote to see who the favorite Wiggle is!

Help us out and let us know which one you have a secret crush on.

Vote here: http://dailystroll.myfreeforum.org/viewtopic.php?t=78&highlight=

Hang out on the forum, swap ideas, advice and merchandise!


Tiny little box for tiny little teeth

Santa, The Sandman, The Easter Bunny, The Toothfairy...all bring memories of such magical moments of our childhood and now we have the honour of passing those traditions on to our little ones. This tiny little Magic Tooth Fairy Box is just the right size for your child's milk teeth and fits right under their little pillow. See their surprise when they wake up to find a little something in there from you know who! For about $3 a box, you need one for each tooth.



Just back from my trip to LA. Can I just tell you how fabulous the shopping is there? I spotted these great new boots for babies. I didn't get any for MSP because it won't be cool here for another few months, but for those of you that are lucky enough to actually have fall weather, here ya go. Robeez now makes booties. So cute, and like the shoes, they look like they will stay on well. Also saw these baby Frye harness boots. I have the adult version so we can match! Both boots come it different colors.

Shrimp Wear

Who are you calling a Shrimp?

We are loving all of the new baby tee companies! Way to go Moms in Business making it happen! You go Mama Friend!

Here is a new one and my favorite is the "Girls Don't Poo" T-shirt. Ruby would SO wear that!

Order Yours for Your Shrimp


Traveling light...

I love to browse (and drool) at modernmini, and I was thrilled to see the little Fleurville Escape Pod I have been trying to convince myself not to buy is on sale. Orig. $52, now $39. It looks like it would be perfect for toting along with a toddler. If you prefer a bigger diaper bag, the Mother Ship bag is on sale too.


Positively Organic

Are you looking for clothing for your baby that is made out of 100% organic cotton and adorable as well? If you answered yes, or even maybe, visit Positively Organic's website. They carry an entire line of organic clothing including tops printed with delightful designs. As Positively Organic's logo says ... "positively beautiful baby gifts -- positively good for the planet". You can view their entire collection of apparel at their website.


Hide 'N Seek Blanket

Here's a fabulous idea for yourself or your child. It's the Hide 'N Seek blanket by Alphabet Moon. This blanket is soft and light enough to use all year round. There's even a pocket for you to slip your feet in to keep warm. Or you can fold the blanket into the pocket to turn the blanket into a pillow. Alphabet Moon offers this fantastic blanket in two sizes, one size for adults, the other for children. You can even personalize the blanket if you wish. Visit Alphabet Moon to see this and more delightful items.


Bugaboos at Babystyle

The new Bugaboo Gecko and Chameleon (in what seems to be a million different color combos) are now available at babystyle.
Right now, there is free oversize shipping ($26.95 value) if you enter the code: BUG4ME at checkout.


Girlie Girl

If you have a real 'Girlie girl', you will want to check out Dimples and Dandelions for their super cute line of unique finds. These are just a couple of fabulous Fall accessories that will surely stop traffic. I think they should change their name to 'Dimples and Divas'! Free shipping if you spend over $50.


Open 24 Hours

I never thought about it buy my son as a young infant seemed to be "open" 24 hours 7 days a week. Well, that's how I felt at least ... no sleep ... no concept of day or night ... everything seem to have blended together. The shirt would be even more hilarious if the "Open 24 Hours" was a neon sign blinking every second. Oh well, I still fancy the tee regardless. I also am keen on this Silver Dragon tee seen below. This tee is so ultra cool and I can see my son wearing one of these, my little Bruce Lee. These tees and other fab designs can be found at Go, Goose, Go!. Go, Goose, Go! carries a one of a kind clothes and accessories for kids. Visit their website to see all of their fantastic products.


Headstart on Halloween

I love this Sweet Tooth Shark costume. It is one of the most delightful costumes I've ever seen. I'm so tempted to order this for my son when he goes trick-or-treating. Babystyle is now carrying an adorable collection of costumes for infants to toddlers. If you order now, Babystyle is offering $2 flat rate shipping for any order that includes a costume. Use coupon code TREAT. Visit Babystyle to see more of their costume collection.

Let's Get Together

Being a mother of a 14 month old son, I meet a lot of fabulous moms at the park, Gymboree, etc ... The conversation turns to planning future playdates and exchanging contact information, so I rummage through my diaper bag to find a pen and paper, what a hassle. Most times my pen is stuck in a diaper and then I remember that my notebook is in my son's carseat as the latest distraction toy to calm a fussy baby. It would be so much simpler if I had these chic calling cards from Coco Pink.

Coco Pink creates fashionable calling cards in an array of patterns and designs. All cards are printed on sturdy 12 pt gloss stock coated with a water resistant UV coating. The cards are printed in easy to store business card size [2" x 3.5"]. Visit Coco Pink to make your your's and your children's social life a little easier with their stylish calling cards.


Chaos of Childhood

If you're like me and want something other than ducks and puppies for your child, take a look at Baby Anarchy. With a taste of retro and rock, the apparel from Baby Anarchy oozes with a bit of cool. Take a look at the above onesies, it's a two-color garment with "Sweet" plum cherries on the front and a "Sour" green lemon on the bum. The ideal description for my son these days ... it's like I have a miniature Jekyll/Hyde at home.

To go along with the theme of retro, each tee or onesies comes packaged in their signature record sleeve. Baby Anarchy's collection is available in short sleeve onesies or long sleeve tees. Visit Baby Anarchy to see more of their anthology of designs.


Born With A Silver Spoon

These customized sterling silver baby spoons are truly unique. They make the perfect gift and they'll add a little elegance to those messy first feedings. A work of art and functional. You can even order it framed to hang on the wall and use as decoration for your nursery. Find them at lacymetals.com

I Can Fly

I adore the clothes from I Can Fly as I'm a big fan of clothing that has that unique feel and look. Their collection offers whimsical apparel for both boys and girls in an array of creative designs. I especially find their animal designs irresistible and full of joyful vibes. Visit I Can Fly's website to see more of their adorable apparel.

Homemade Baby

Delicious lines come out of Canada on a regular basis. The latest: Tricky & Titch, "Combining your sense of style with your child's sense of fun". From shirts to bibs to yummy cotton blankets, this fresh new company brings a stylish and fun edge to baby wear.


Pier 1 Kids

So I just found out on my Pier One Bill statement that they have opened Pier One Kids! How exciting. I have not been to Pier One in a while, still paying off the stuff I bought months ago on a candle clearance kick which turned into new glasses and some other dangerous stuff lest I mention the placemats....

Here is a peek and I encourage you to visit their website to see what they have going on for the KIDS.

My Picnic Basket

When my son and I go to the park, I’m thinking of what sort of toys to take with me to keep him occupied. I think that this My Picnic Basket Play Set would keep my little one as busy as a bee. The make believe picnic set is soft to the touch and is filled with vital picnic supplies. There is a hot dog, soda, condiments, ham and cheese sandwich, fruit, and even plates and napkins. You can carry the basket for easy transport and when it’s playtime, unzip it flat.

This exemplary play set can be found at The Spoon Sisters. Don’t forget to check out their other play sets, Bento Sushi Box, Hollywood Clapboard, and Pizza Party.

Paper Dolls

My memory is not great, but I do remember loving my paper dolls as a child. You know, the ones that are cardboard that you dress up in different outfits that wrap around the doll with tabs. I had Holly Hobby ones!
I found a company that custom makes paper dolls of your own child. You send in a photo, and in return you get a package with a doll made to look like your child by a portrait artist, your child's name on the cover, and 8-10 outfits and accessories! They can also custom make more outfits for a fee. Check out Paper Kids' different packages, it is so exciting!


Baby Blogapalooza

We have been chosen! www.DesignPublic.com surveyed their customers asking "who are your favorite baby/parenting bloggers?" and The Daily Stroll one of the chosen few! We were asked to guest blog and I whipped up a little ditty about Designing your nursery with home re-sale in mind......

Read all about it at Design Public. Don't forget to shop their website and scoop up unique finds for baby in their new nursery section.


My Froggy Chair

Add to your child's furniture collection with these adorable wooden chairs. The chairs are handcrafted from solid wood and tough enough for your child's best tantrum. These chairs come in three different sytles. There is the frog [see above], a fish chair and a bear chair. You can find these adorable chairs at Flax Art & Design.


I want to ride my tricycle...

This is not excactly thrifty, but it is so cool! I had to share it with you. So if you have a rich uncle somehwere, who really wants to get your baby something, this is it!
It is the Sky King Pedal Tricycle Classic Steel Trike, an excact copy of the Sky King Trike from 1936. You can find it at National Brands Unlimited, along with a whole lot of other stuff. Including lots of retro pedal cars and pedal planes. A fan of most things retro like me, is practically drooling.


Baby Wordsworth

If you're into teaching your children sign language like I am, then look into the new Baby Einstein DVD Baby Wordsworth. Actress Marlee Matlin introduces sign langague to your little one in this new DVD. The Baby Wordsworth presents a gentle and fun introduction to 30 words used around the home. The DVD is set to the music of Bach, Bizet and Schubert for a calm and engaging presentation. You can go to Baby Einstein's website to view a 30 second sample clip. This lovely DVD can be purchased for only $13.99, 30% off at Amazon.com, or visit your local library to see if this DVD is available for checkout.

Cutie Pie Boutique SALE!

SUMMER STOCK SALE! www.twocutiepies.com
Starting Monday, August 8th, we're having a SUPER SUMMER BLOW-OUT SALE at Cutie Pie Boutique!!!! All summer fashions are 50% off!!! Check out the lines under our "Adorable Clothing" section! Fabulous deals on great clothing! Remember ... since we prefer to keep our things unique by purchasing small quantities in each size range, our stock is limited! SO, SHOP EARLY!!!

In addition to our Summer Stock Sale, all clothing listed in our "50%-70% Off" section will have additional discounts! TAKE $5 off the already bargain prices on all sale items in this section! For example, if an outfit is $20.00, that means it has already been discounted 50% to 70%. And now, take $5.00 more off that rock-bottom price! Some items are priced at less than $5.00, so they will sell for a whopping $2.00!!!

TOY SALE- Including a SKIP HOP Diaper bag for Only $40!!!
For one week only, all toys are 20% off! Get great bargains on Groovy Girl dolls and accessories, great games from Think Fun, and super puzzles from Mudpuppy Press, just to name a few!
While we are normally closed Mondays, we will be open for business Monday, August 8th! We will, however, be CLOSED Saturday, August 13th, as we're off to NYC for the International Gift Fair!!!
Please note that our summer stock pricing will be updated, but our TAKE FIVE section will not be! So, if you purchase an item listed for $12.00 ... take another $5.00 off and you will pay $7.00! We will update your invoice and take the discount at the register! Your credit card will be charged appropriately!

Pass this sale info along to a friend!!!


Cherry Picking

I can't resist a cute outfit.
Corky & Co. has a delicious line of matching coats and hats for little ones in chenille, fleece and flannel. If they made them in mommy sizes, I would own one of everything. Giggles n' Curls has a great selection of Corky & Co. coats...the Cherry set is on sale!


Does He Come with Instructions?

Is taking care of a baby a complex process? Is it full of twists and turns at every corner? ... You bet your patootie it is! That's why we all need the Instructions Shirt by Brand New Baby Wear. This comical one-piece design is printed on both the front and back for easy to read directions. The Instructions Shirt would make the ideal gift for new parents.

Check out Brand New Baby Wear's website for more side-splitting designs, such as the Revolution Shirt shown below. The tee reads "Babies Unite ... Stand up for the little man."

Each Brand New Baby Wear shirt is packaged in this marvelous gifting can. These cans are also reusable. Visit Brand New Baby Wear to see more of their cool shirt designs.


End of Summer Savings at Gymboree

Visit your local Gymboree store or go online to see additional markdowns on their collections for boys and girls. Select items are discounted from 20-40% off. I know where we're going today!


iPod My Baby

I saw this mentioned at bloggingbaby.com, and I have to share!!!

The ubiquitous iPod wheel is printed on the front. $15.95, infant sizes only. So cute!

Now why didn't I think of that....?

Posh Tots 3 day crib sale!

The 3 day only sale is ON at PoshTots.com! Cribs, Daybeds and Beds are $100 off with code: BED100 and Bedding collections and gliders are $50 off with code BED05! Hurry sale only lasts 3 days - ends Friday August 5th, 2005 at 11:59PM.

The most extraordinary children's furniture

Green Tea Baby

Celebrate your baby's inner peace with the adorable collection of apparel and accessories from Green Tea Baby. My favorite is the above onesie with "I am at peace but my mommy never sleeps." printed on the front. Oh how I know you fellow mommies and daddies can relate to that! You can also pick up a gift set which includes a set of handmade slippers stored with the onesie in a dim sum container. Visit Green Tea Baby's website for more delightful designs for your little one.


Fresh Footwear

Just thought you all should check out Canada's Jack & Lily for their 'fuzzy' collection of baby slippers. Adorable and summer-fresh, these colourful lions, snowpeas, flowers, and lambs will freshen up any bland ol' outfit!

If Oprah loves it...

Picture this: A cuddly baby swaddled in a sage green with cherubs, velvety and silky quilt. Yum. Oprah featured the Kennedy Quilt by Bundle Of Dreams in a past issue of O Magazine, and it sure looks heavenly. Don't we all wish for Oprah to discover our fabulous talents? Hmmm, one day...


Pre order from Chatti Patti

Our newsletter sign up sponsor for the month of August at www.TheDailyStroll.com is Chatti Patti.

If you just can't wait to get your hands on these fun and funky designs we have an exclusive offer for our loyal subscribers! Get 25% off and $5 flat rate shipping! Order more- get more with free shipping on orders over $100. Use code: 25fall at check out Start shopping now at this link http://www.chattipatti.com/presale

Orders ship 8-30

Hot Mama

There are some great maternity tees out there, sporting hilarious one liners and such. Hot Mama is a line formed to be unique, with something for the expectant mom to the just-had-one mom. The best part is that they donate 1% of their gross revenue to charities that offer parenting education or benefit needy mothers. Hot Mama is a store that celebrates moms and encourages you "to be the Hot Mama you were destined to be". Go on, get your baby on, girl!...

Baby Gap Bedding

Gap has added bedding to their Baby Gap collection, and some adorable bedding it is. They have six different patterns for both boys and girls. My favorite is the ABC collection which is ideal for a boy or girl. Currently Gap's fitted crib sheets are on sale. Visit Gap.com to view their delightful bedding collections.


Repost from ThriftyChick Blog... New Jeans at GAP

Got a little post card from GAP today, well actually my husband did but I swiped it. They have a few new styles of jeans and one that I am particularly psyched to try is the CURVY..

ooh yes, "if you waist is smaller than your hips" - yup that's me.

I am going to try them this week. My postcard I ( me meaning I stole it from my husband) got said that all jeans are $39.95 for the month of August! Reg price for Curvy Jeans? $58.

There is just no stopping a thrifty chick.

Funny Tees for Mamas!

We are always spotting funny tees for your babies and older kids but what about for Mom? We just spoke to the owners of : www.PlanetMomTshirts.com and will be featuring a Daily Stroll on them tomorrow BUT we had to leak this because their tees are just SO awesome.

How about a tee that says "Trophy Wife"? "Because I Said So"? There are too many to choose from- you are going to want one of these in each color and embroidered phrase.

This is my favorite: