Hot Off of the Press

We just got this book from St. Martins Press and cannot wait to read it today. Yes today.

Do not forget to pre-order your new favorite book! What Do You Do All Day? by Amy Scheibe. "A salacious tale of life as an "Alpha Mom" in New York City."- Kirkus On shelves October 1. Get yours at Amazon now! What Do You Do All Day? Only $14.93.


Precious Cargo

We know we have precious cargo from the time we hear those magical words, "You're going to have a baby!". Sometimes we like a little reminder like Kee-Ka's 'Handle With Care' onesies, available in pink and blue and packaged in a ready-to-give little tube, to keep us in check. Check out Kee-Ka's other 'instructional' and encouraging designs, all on 100% white cotton.

Just Use and Toss

With my son anything disposable is a plus. Whether it’s diapers or wipes, if I can toss it, it’s a convenience for me. This is why I love the Huggies Disposable Wash Cloths with Baby Wash. It has a delightful scent of lavender and chamomile adding to my son’s already sweet smell. The washcloths are also incredibly easy to use. Just wet the washcloth with water, lather, wash, and then toss. My son has awfully sensitive skin therefore we’ve been through a number of baby shampoo/body wash formulas. These washcloths are gentle enough for us to utilize when we give him a bath every other night. There are 14 wash cloths in every box and sell for under $4.00. The Huggies Disposable Wash Cloths can be found at almost any Target, Walgreens, etc ... or online at drugstore.com.


Argyle in Motherhood

I went to Motherhood Maternity yesterday and saw this fabulous Argyle Sweater. I love the teal color and the mock collar/cuff. It’s stylish enough for me to wear in both a casual and more than casual outing. I’m waiting for the weather to get cooler here so I can wear this. It’s lightweight enough for this upcoming Fall weather. Visit Motherhood Maternity to see their new Fall Fashions.


Read a Mat

Keep your child busy when you’re getting dinner ready with the Read a Mat placemats. The one shown above is from their Alphabet series. Hopefully my son will enjoy these as he gets older and is able to sit at the table. There are a variety of educational and fun placemats available.

Your child can help you set the table with the “I can set the table” placemat shown below. These instructive placemats are made of thick durable vinyl and measures 11.5” x 17.5”. You can find these placemats at Kazoo Toys on sale for only $4.79. Visit their website to see additional designs.


Baby Bella -- 25% Off Diaper Bags

Are you fans of Fleurville, JP Lizzy, Oi Oi and Kecci diaper bags? Are you ready to add yet another diaper bag to yours or someone’s collection? Then hurry and go to Baby Bella boutique. They have extended their diaper bag sale to the 26th of this month. The sale entitles you to 25% off the regular price of their diaper bags. Sigh this is so tempting for me! Visit Baby Bella today to see their selection. Enter code diaperbag25 at checkout.

Downward Facing Frog

From Parenting Magazine contributing editor, Julie Tilsner we have “Mommy Yoga: The 50 Stretches of Motherhood”. As someone who has a nausea problem when trying yoga I’m excited about this book as, forgive the expression, killing two birds with one stone. It will give me the opportunity to “practice” unique yoga poses as well as taking care of my little one at the same time. Who knew that I already mastered the “No Go” pose? [No Go - Dressed and ready to go to an appointment, hold baby on your hip and thrust one leg out the front door with confidence that, today, you'll be on time. Freeze and hold when baby suddenly throws up all over herself and you. Breathe through your mouth. Regard now-smiling baby and turn, slowly, until you're back inside. Resolve to repeat pose in fresh clothes, or finish up by reaching into your purse for your cell phone.] “Mommy Yoga” is a side-splitting view of the positions we mothers find ourselves in every day while cleaning, feeding, and child care in general. Visit Amazon.com to pick up a book for yourself or as a great gift for mom-to-be’s and friends.


Fall booties

It has been a long wait...nothing has caught my eye until now! If these little leather ans sheepskin booties came in sizes for mom, dad, babies AND my dog..I would buy up every single pair. Visit Pink & Blue Bebe for fabulous Fall shoes and moccasins to keep those little toes cozy.


Cluster of Parrots

Simple yet adorable baby clothing can be found at Cluster of Parrots. I wish my son could fit in their clothing but the apparel is mainly for infants. Baby apparel from Cluster of Parrots come in onesies and baby T’s. The design above silhouettes a baby, puppy, bunny, and chicky. This design is available in a multitude of colors. Visit Cluster of Parrots to see more of their lovely baby attire.


baby greendog at Macy's Finally!

It has been a long time coming but it's finally available! greendog clothing a favorite among Macy's shoppers has started to make toddler and younger childrens clothing. Our friends at Macy's press sent Ruby a few outfits and we wanted to get the word out because we love what we see! Great quality, generous fit and super sassy wears for toddlers and more.

Not yet online but in Macy's stores, keep your eyes peeled for baby greendog.

Gap Maternity Sale

Gap is having a fabulous sale of up to 40% off on their GapMaternity collection. I have put in my shopping cart the diaper bag seen above. It's a corduroy cotton diaper bag with two front pockets, printed changing mat, detachable shoulder strap, etc ... Regular price is $58.00, it's on sale for $39.99.

Here's my must-have from this sale. It's Gap's Skinny Capri Pants in brown. Made out of stretch cotton with a full panel. Regular price is $58.00, on sale for the low low price of $6.99!

Visit Gap.com to see this and more fabulous deals. Also Gap is offering terrific bargains on their other lines as well.


Ever heard of Primigi?

This morning, we bought what I hope will be our fall shoes. My little bruiser has these big ol'double-wide feet, so picking out shoes for him is generally a little frustrating since all the super-cool shoes are not made in wide sizes. We've tried on Merrells and Eccos this year with no luck.
However, today we were pleasantly surprised when we got to come home with some fancy italian-made shoes made by Primigi Kids. They only come in one width, but they run wide and fit him so nicely.
We bought them at a local shoe store, but they are available online at Zappos.


Cozy's Cuts in NYC having an event Saturday 9/24

Here is a note from our friends at Cozy's Cuts for Kids in NYC. They are having an event on Saturday 9/24 to benefit charity specifically the efforts for Katrina Relief:

Fundraising bake sale at Cozy's on Saturday 9/24 from 11a.m.-1pm. The purpose is two-fold:
1-To help the victims of Hurricane Katrina
2-To help children learn about helping & giving to those in need and to teach them that they have the power and ability to make a difference in the world.

Here are the details:
-Bake sale table at all locations
-Cozy's staff & clients will bake cookies and brownies to sell
-All the money earned will be donated to Love our Children USA- Kids of Katrina Fund.
-Bake sale will be run by Cozy's staff & Cozy's clients and their moms, dads or caregivers

There are a few ways that you and your children can get involved if you are interested:
1-Bake cookies to sell at the bake sale
2-"work" at the sale with your child
3-make posters to be used at the sale
4-Buy & eat cookies!
5-Tell your friends about it.

If you would like to participate, please let Cozy's know at which location and in what capacity. We are trying to organize this quickly & orderly. No contribution is too small. Every cookie makes a difference!!!

In case of rain, a decision will be made on Friday September 23, 2005 to reschedule.

Cozy’s Cuts For Kids
1125 Madison Ave @ 84th Street 212.744.1716
448 Amsterdam Avenue @ 81st Street 212.579.2600
1416 Second Avenue @74th Street 212.585.COZY (2699)


Goo- Ga Site Update!

Way back when in the beginning we covered Goo-Ga.com and their lovely Peanut Shell slings. I swear that this is the only sling that Ruby will fall asleep in and we just ordered another today as she has gotten so big!

While we were at their website we noticed that they had an update and now it is super beautious and we hope that you will go check it out!

Do not forget that if you use code ThriftyMama at checkout you will save 10%! Exp. 12/31/05


Bath Apron

Its always a struggle to get the baby out of the bath and into a towel without getting soaked in the process. That's why the Towel Cozy is such great idea. It slips over your head like an apron for mom but with enough extra fabric to wrap up your squirmy little one. Check it out at trendykid.com.

Mr. Clean Mr. Clean

My Man Mr. Clean is having a bit of a contest to benefit charity!

We love MR. Clean. Perhaps you remember a certain article that we wrote where thrifty mama(chick) professed her love for the cutie? Well to refresh your memory click HERE and you can read it but otherwise, to participate in the MR. Clean event here are the instructions:

How it works is that for every person that visits this site
and submits a new idea about how they use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Mr.
Clean will donate $1 to the Hands On Network, a growing charity that
helps volunteers keep communities clean.

Some of its affiliates are working on Katrina-related projects right now.

A little piece of forever

Cherish your little baby's first sock, bib, first outfit home, or favorite little onesie on a handpainted canvas with a coordinating ribbon. Love La La Gifts will customize your little masterpiece with your choice of background and will preserve your cherished item with coats of varnish so those first precious moments will forever live on.
Visit this great team of 3 generations working together to create original pieces that you will only want to pass on to your next generation.

Old Navy Baby & Maternity Clothing Sale

Head on over to Old Navy to browse the Baby & Maternity clothing sale. All children’s clothing is at a minimum 25% off. That goes for Old Navy’s maternity collection at well.

There are some adorable styles for boys and girls that have arrived just in time for Fall and Winter. Stock early as I’m sure items will run out soon.

I found some stylish maternity outfits as well. There are some fabulous work ensembles, which would be great if I worked, but I mostly stuck with the tees and jeans.

Pick up these marvelous bargains either at an Old Navy store near you or at their website. Don’t forget that they are offering $5 shipping on every order and a huge plus is that you can return your online purchases in store.


Liz Lange Sale @ Target

Now that my belly’s expanding I’m in need of some fabulous yet affordable maternity clothing. Lucky for me there is a sale on Liz Lange clothing at my much loved store, Target! What great timing! All Liz Lange apparel for Target is marked down 20% and more. I picked up a number of items yesterday at my local Target store. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones that do not have a store near you, visit Target.com to see Liz Lange’s collection.

Here are some “essentials” that I added to my maternity wardrobe.

Liz Lange® for Target® Spanish Brown Crinkle Cami

Liz Lange® for Target® Aural Sea Embellished Maternity Tunic

Liz Lange® for Target® Charcoal Maternity Zip Hoodie

Liz Lange® for Target® Latte Crochet Maternity Shrug with Lorex


Carry me!

I'm one of those moms who carry my baby everywhere. I've carried Baby B around on my chest in a Baby Björn Carrier, I've carried him on my back in a sling and my latest discovery is the Ergo Baby Carrier. The Ergo is designed by clothing designer Karin Frost after trying out different carrying systems, and not finding the perfect one. What I love about the Ergo is that you can use it from the start, and it will still fit when your baby is two! Or three! Or older. It is also a lot more versatile and comfortable than other carriers I've tried, as you can carry your baby on your front, on your hip or on your back. Both Baby B and I love it! He gets a better view than from his stroller, and since he is getting close to eleven months he's quite heavy to carry around on my arm whenever he wants to. But in the Ergo he can ride around on my back without either one of us getting tired! You can also get a matching tote bag, back pack, front pouch and diaper bag!


Petite Pirouette

Do you have a girly girl at home? Unfortunately I do not but if you do then I hear that not having a tutu leaves her wardrobe incomplete. If your little girl is begging for a tutu, whether for ballet class or for just some fashionable fun, be sure to check out the collection at Petite Pirouette. Petite Pirouette features tutu in over forty different colors, yes 40! These lovely tutus are handmade using the softest tulle and layered with silk petals and flowers. Visit Petite Pirouette to view their fabulous tutu collection.


For Every Occasion

As a mother of a 15 month old, it gets pretty tricky trying to remember when everyone's birthdays are or that I have to buy a thank you card for the latest toy my son received. The multiple choice sets found at Jelly and Anchovy can assist me with my dilemma. These 4 ¼ x 5 ½ buttercream cards come printed with an adorable boy or girl figure along with nine practical events you’ll be sure to need a card for. You can check off any phrase that suits the circumstance and mail away. This set includes twenty cards and twenty vibrantly colored envelopes with a 20 character maximum personalization. Visit Jelly and Anchovy to see this fabulous find for new parents or parents in general, and to see the rest of their collection as well.


Hip, Leather Bibs

I would like to introduce you to another great Canadian mom, who was inspired by her kids to develop a durable and hip baby product...Mally Bibs. This mom's creation is made with 100% baby safe leather, adjustable with a magnetic clasp, washable, and sport over 30 cool designs. There is sure to be a perfect match for your little piggy!


Pampers 'perks'

I just got an email that Pampers is starting up a 'rewards' program to collect points for prizes. I'm a little bit bitter as I am now two years into the diaper buying thing (hundreds of thousands of diapers later...) and for the last year or so, I have been quite a loyal to Pampers Cruisers.

But ce la vie, and here's the scoop for all of you just starting out with your diaper purchasing:
The online catalog has some neat things to save up for: a kettler scooter, blockbuster rentals, legos, lots of books, among other things.

I just passed down a book to my two-year-old, "the pokey little puppy" in fact, that my mom got from a diaper company when I was a baby.

Hipsters by Lovensoul

When my son and I are out and about, I usually put my essentials, wallet, cell phone, lipstick, ... in the diaper bag. I'm not one to carry two bags ... too much to keep track of. I found a trendy alternative to "sharing" the diaper bag with my son. They are called Hipsters and can be found at Lovensoul. Hipsters are designed to carry cash, credit cards, and my lipstick while looking stylish at the same time. Now I can have the convenience of not carrying two bags while looking hip and trendy.

Lovensoul's founders Lindsay and her sister Brooke create and market distinctive and attractive pieces for your feminine soul. Lovensoul also has a beautiful jewelry and business card holder collection. Visit Lovensoul to view these pieces.