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Stick 'Em and Keep 'Em!

We aren't really there yet. When I say "there" I mean the "mommy I lost my ........." stage. Ruby goes to a little school but comes home with what she left with for now.

I do anticipate the stage where I will have to label everything and there are so many great shops online making labels these days that it is so much easier and more stylish than taking a giant black marker to her adorable shoes, coats, juice cups etc.

I just received a package from www.Mabel.ca Mabel's Labels for Ruby and they are SO cute. Dishwasher safe for labeling cups, bottles etc and Unique inner shoe labels with protective clear stickers that keep kids belongings in order. Afterall wouldn't we be devestated if we one of our favorite See Kai Run shoes fell victim to those little clepto's at daycare? I would :)

Shop Mabel's Labels and checkout in either Canadian currency or US. Cute and easy!


It's a fake!

I've just discovered that the Target website is now selling what looks to be a Bugaboo knock-off made by Fisher Price. I love my Bugaboo, but I have to admit that it was quite pricey and a bit of a splurge for us. It has turned out to be worth every penny, but I'd love to hear some reviews on this version. It might be a great option for those not wanting to spend the $800+ that a new Bugaboo now costs. And my main gripe about the Bugaboo, which is the basket, looks to be improved on this version. I wonder why it has taken so long for people to start copying? Let me know if you've tried it, or even seen it up close for that matter.

What we read: Charlie Parker played Be-Bop

Lately, I've spent more time than I ever thought possible in the children's room at the library downtown. I thought I'd share some of our favorites in the upcoming weeks. I'd love some new suggestions too!

My son's all time favorite book has got to be Charlie Parker Played Be-Bop, written and illustrated by Chris Raschka. Hubby and I both like to read it---the words are fun and zany and smart all at the same time. Essentially, you are reading nonsense, but the underlying rhythms of jazz add something to the nonsense that makes it make sense....and still remain nonsense. Does that make sense?

The hard-cover edition really is nice because the illustrations are big and colorful, but there is also a drool-friendly and abridged boardbook edition. I'd recommend it for ages birth to ??(retirement maybe?).

Cute As Buttons Sample Sale

Looking for a great deal on one of the hottest baby lines?

Cute as Buttons is having a huge sample sale, with discounts of up to 50% off on select items. All of the merchandise is new with tags and never been worn (just shown at various trade shows and other events). Most of it was used only for purposes of taking pictures. Take Me home outfits, blankets, bibs, rompers, burp cloths and other adorable sets for baby (and toddler) are among the sample sale bargains-Check out the link below for some great savings! Sample Sale starts today!


Patchwork Bear

In a world of baby couture and trendy items it is good to get back to your roots and have some handmade, classical items to use through the generations.

We recently heard from Patchwork Bear who creates one of a kind heirloom items for children and families.

Super cute and available at www.ThePatchWorkBear.com

Receive a 15% discount on any of my products when they type "FIRSTORDER" at checkout

Confucius Say Bebepanda!

Confucius say: baby who wear velvety soft, bilingual tees shall be a very smart & happy baby!! I think Confucius may just be right this time with bebepanda's baby & toddler's tees & onesies.

All tees have fun sayings like "smart", "artistic", or even "I love Grandma" written in beautiful Asian calligraphy alongside it's English translation. Even better though is that these tees are soooo super soft - made with the highest quality of 100% cotton and don such a perfect fit that your little one can't help but be smart & happy which makes mama want to scoop one up & fast!


How We Adore the Strong Silent Type!

Chances are going to the movies can be a bit of a treat for a busy parent like yourself.

Gosh, even going to the bathroom alone is enough of an outing- imagine a movie? Fear not, thanks to studios like Universal Pictures, movies are coming out on DVD faster than you can say "extra buttered popcorn" and fortunately for you, you are going to start getting the first scoop about upcoming DVD releases right here on the Daily Stroll! Watch for them and know when and where to get the newest DVD for date night!

Pride & Prejudice - On DVD Tuesday Feb. 28th- Universal Pictures $19.98 pre-order now

Daily Stroll editor reviews:

We adore the strong silent type such as the character played by Mr. Darcy. We can't get enough of this love story, and the eye-candy that is actor Matthew Macfadyen. A great family movie with a "everyone can watch" rating of PG. Perfect addition to your movie shelf. Right up there with Little Women.
- Lizabeth Sorensen, Editor-in-chief, The Daily Stroll

Keira Knightley stars as a very unruly Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen's classic
Pride and Prejudice and reminded me just how challenging and exciting young love can be. The family quarrels were priceless; who knew five sisters would be so much fun! -Kate Gustafson, The Daily Stroll

Mommy- What's a Tuffet?

These adorable mini-poofs from Zid Zid Kids are the closet thing to a tuffet that I've ever run across. Perfect for your little miss (or mr.) muffet to sit or play on. I've just discovered this fabulous brand. In addition to the poofs, they have great pillows and wall hangings to match. Not to mention some of the cutest table and chair sets that I've seen- with matching cushions that are to die for. You can find out where to purchase, and check out their entire line at zidzidkids.com.

Pretty Young Things- Repeat After Me!

Okay okay- Michael Jackson has his "problems" but at one point he was a lyrical genius. I mean take these ones for example:

Tenderoni you got to be
spark my nature sugar fly with me
- P.Y.T. Pretty Young Thing, Thriller

HELLO- what does that mean? Who cares it's a great song and a nice compliment!
I have always loved this song and so when I saw this tee at Buggles Baby, I had to have it for Ruby. She loves it, and with their great screen print quality and generous sizing she is going to love it for a long time to come! Checkout Buggles Baby for infant and toddler tees!


"Then There Was Trouble..."

Thanks for the warm welcome, Ruby! Well, what better way to introduce myself than to tell you a little about my world...

So, one of my best friends just became a dad for the first time. We were talking about what to expect and I was giving him my toddler son's perspective on things. With my son, it's all Thomas the Tank Engine, all the time. My buddy says, "Yeah, I saw that show. The two things you hear most often are 'then there was trouble' and 'luckily, no one was hurt.' What's the deal with all those accidents on that railway, you'd think there'd be an investigation or something?"

I shared my theory of Sir Topham Hatt's political affiliations (personal friend of Winston Churchill) and the conversation moved on to Bob the Builder. I asked, "How'd you like to live in a world where you have to coerce all your work vehicles into doing your bidding?"

"Actually," said my friend, an electrician, "I think I do live in that world. At least, my truck does!"

He'll be a natural.

Meet Dad Charlie

We asked and we received! We got our hands on a good daddy. Meet new blogger Charlie Kondek. He is a working dad who sings Thomas the Tank Engine theme songs in his sleep.

We can't wait to hear dad musings and read his posts about fun boy products that he finds useful for his young son!

Welcome Dad Charlie!

One piece of the month club!

From Nina & Tom Family Fashion, we found a super cute gift idea. Original too - which is why we like it the most! The One Piece of the Month Club!!

Checkout this page for details: ONE PIECE OF THE MONTH CLUB
Send it as a gift or sign up for it yourself! How great to get a fun new one piece for baby each month!

How fabulous!


Notice Something?

A while back we got a new product from Febreze to try out. We have tested it for a month or so and I have to say it smells great and keeps on giving off an aroma of clean. Meet the Febreze Noticeable.

Just incase you get bored of one scent, Febreze has designed this plug in air freshener to switch things up every couple of hours to a new scent. I put ours in our laundry room to give the effect that we are continuously doing household chores. It seems to work. Our laundry room is way down in the basement tucked in a corner and everytime I open the basement door I can smell it, scent travels far with Febreze! It's um, NOTICEable!!


Looking For A Few Good Daddies


Who Will Be Swiffer Amazing Woman Of the Year? - You?

It's up to you! Nominate someone you know as Woman Of The Year!

Ten nominees will be chosen by April 4, 2006 - HURRY TO NOMINATE

Then voting will be opened to the public, and five finalists will be chosen in May. Each of the finalists will be named Swiffer’s Amazing Women of the Year and will be awarded $5,000 for the charity of her choice.

Cindy Crawford was Swiffer’s first Amazing Woman of the Year for her dedication to the Silver Lining Foundation, a charity dedicated to providing lifetime opportunities for children with cancer, and for her ability to successfully balance her family, career and personal life.
This time, it could be anyone. It could be you!

Also, in celebration of this campaign, Swiffer has redesigned the original Swiffer Sweeper.
Save $2 on the new improved Swiffer Sweeper

Swanky Baby!

I have to admit I couldn't live without Baby Gap or Old Navy Baby...as fast as my little guy is growing, I'd seriously be broke if I got him a new Splendid wardrobe every time he grew out of things. However, I'm all for adding a little panache to his wardrobe. Try out these swanky belts! These belts are not only practical in assisting with the droopy pants syndrome that is so common with babies & toddlers but they are handmade and oh-so stylish. I can't wait to add a little camouflage or zebra print to Greyson's old navy cargos!! Swanky Baby!

Sale at jennyLous!

Sale at jennyLou's! Yeah we love www.JennyLous.com

in-stock jewelry... earrings, necklaces, apparel, body stuff and candles, and bracelets. 30% off. Use Code:FEB30


Live in the Albany, NY Area?

If you live in the Albany, NY area hopefully you got to catch my Fashion Meets Function segment today on NBC Channel 13!

If not- find out about fashionably functional items at www.trendsugar.com and please support these amazing designers and boutiques whether you live in Albany or Alaska!

Celestial Eggs

When I was a kid, I loved those glow in the dark stars that you stick to the ceiling and walls. I think they still sell them in some cheesy store at the mall. The problem is that they don't glow for very long, and moms don't think they look so great in the daytime either. Now you can make every night a starry night for your little one with this really cool, star egg night light. It comes in like 9 pretty colors to complement your decor. Perfect since Easter is not far away! Check it out and tons, I mean tons, of other cool stuff at zacandzoe.com.


MSP has such a big, cute belly that it is hard to keep her jeans up. (Sort of like her grandfather, Papa-Ha!) We are in definite need of one of these great belts. Not only are they cute, but its innovative design helps children easily fasten and unfasten their belt on their own. I'm betting that this will be important when we get to the potty training stage. According to Child magazine, Sarah Jessica Parker and Courtney Cox both own one for their little ones. Check out all of their great designs at myselfbelts.com.


Forget Something?

Now, I will be the first to admit that I did not nurse Ruby longer than 6 weeks or so. It did not work out and we did not know why but instead of feeling like a failure I started her on formula and she turned out great. Come to find out when she was 13 months old that one of her nostrils was blocked so she probably could not breathe while nursing and it frustrated her.

In any event, if I had been nursing I would have most likely been really confused and not have remembered from one breast to another which she fed from last. If I do have another child and decide to nurse I would love to use the Nursing Bracelet by Unique Mums.

What an invention!

Checkout www.TheNursingBracelet.com and never worry about when you last fed your baby and from which breast. At 3 am you will thank me.


All Betters

We are really loving this new product, www.AllBetters.com

For the amount of times I hip check Ruby in a day when she is under foot, we needed this in our house! She also likes to throw temper tantrums and bang her head on purpose so when she does I can be prepared with a heart shaped cold pack right in the freezer!

With glitter built right in- boo boo's have never been more fabulous. Includes stickers for personalizing and is available at www.AllBetters.com Just $5 each plus S&H.


Baby Bling

MSP loses at least one pacifier and sippy cup a day, so I'd be bankrupt if I started using these! A fun idea though. They look like something that maybe Paris Hilton would use if she had a baby. Check out their other products at alexaandjack.com.

For the Kids (and for Mom & Dad too)!

I love this CD! I really can't express how so very tired I was getting of the nursery rhymes and Baby Einstein CD's that I was playing for Greyson. I know they are stimulating and educational for the little ones and all that but Mama Christina needed some "big girl" music and quick. So, I did some searching and I found FOR THE KIDS. It featured Cake doing a version of The Muppets, "Mahna, Mahna" that I had to hear. Well...I fell in love with that song not to mention Sarah McLachlan's, "Rainbow Connection" that I swear had me crying while I was doing the laundry the other day. Check it out for yourself at www.musicforthekids.com, where you'll not only be able to sample this rockin' compilation but you'll be able to learn more about all the good organizations that are associated with it.


Just A Few News Items

We have been so busy trying to keep up with the new product submissions at the Daily Stroll!

With over 100 unique submissions a week we are certainly your best source for fresh new children's items so check back daily!

Here are some of the great products that we have recently come across through submissions. Please click on the links and shop to support these talented artists:

Sherri Blum Designs

Lovely handpainted nursery and children's room decor.

Born Hip

Small clothes for big personalities!

Harvey's Seat Belt Diaper Bag

Stay tuned at the Daily Stroll where we will be working closely with Harvey's over the next couple of Months!

Spunky Sprout

Making me want to have another baby so I can get a tiny tie dye one piece!


Who sent Ruby and I a big box of treats and tees! Love them! I have never had a cavity in my life but I think things are about to change!

V- Day Sale at Munchskins!

Ruby loves her sweet cheeks! I love it when she smells like lavender!
Through February 2006: Take $3 off any retail order at Munchskins.com! Enter code valentine06 at checkout.


Celebrating 1 Year!

Next week we celebrate our first anniversary of The Daily Stroll!

We have been so fortunate to have been one of the first sites focused on baby/mom fashion and finds and we are very thankful to all of our sponsors, supporters, family, friends, writers and media contacts. Feeling like we have really set a trend we vow to make this next year even better and continue to rise above as a daily must read.

Much Love,

Ruby and Lizabeth

Some supporting words we live by:

I depend on The Daily Stroll's contemporary minded approach to assist me with my events, ideas and projects. It cuts out the internet clutter and presents me with exciting, new, hip shopping options and discussion topics that fit my lifestyle.
-Angela You're Such A Baby You're Such A Baby

We heard from CBS news and the Associated Press the day that we were on The Daily Stroll- All I can say is wow. You have really helped us in a big way and we appreciate it more than you can imagine."-Gregg Steiner Pinxav

"Pregnancy Magazine saw us on The Daily Stroll and booked us for an upcoming issue and the 2006 Buyers Guide! You are the best!"- Krista Latendresse Two Tina's


Spin me right round, baby right round

This one is kind of cheesy I know. You see, after MSP was born, during all those late night feedings, I started watching infomercials. They sort of suck you in when nothing else is on. I never actually ordered anything, but this Smart Spin thing I couldn't get out of my mind. Fast forward 9 months or so and MSP is eating solids. Her portions are tiny and there are always leftovers, so I'm using tons of tupperware, and every time I open the cabinet, it all comes crashing down on my head. Then I remembered the Smart Spin and broke down and made my first infomercial purchase. This is seriously the best thing ever. Not only is it a neat, space-saving way to store your leftover containers, but the lids are universal ,so you never have to go searching for a matching lid. Go get one. Now I think maybe I should by that Juicer I saw too.

White Girls Can't Jog (at least not with big strollers)

Star Sighting #2: Greyson and I took a trip to the OC this weekend to visit his Nonno and Nonna. My aunt, who has a 4 month old baby girl Dorina, met up for our AM "daily stroll" on the laguna beach coastline. I swear, it really is right out of The OC ! Anyway, as we are huffing & puffing up a steep incline, we hear a deep voice say, "excuse me ladies". Our strollers seem to be taking up most of the trail (surprise, surprise). As we move over to the left, we turn to say, "good morning...Mr. Snipes??" There we see a vision of strength...Wesley Snipes running past us. He looked so fit that Mama Christina & her Auntie Regina were even inspired to pick up the pace to a jog. Well...that lasted until he was just out of sight; it seems that not only can't white men jump but white girls can't jog either!



Sure you can get paper V-day cards for your sweet heart but what about a SoapCard? Super cute, original and oh so delicious smelling. Hurry- today is the last day for standard shipping before Valentines Day (feb 14th).

Daily Stroll readers use code: STROLOVE for 20% off Expires 2.15.06