Are you making a jobby?

That's what we call number 2 in my house. Jobbies. So, my son makes pee pee in the potty all the time but can't seem to bring himself to do the jobby. We'll be playing and all of a sudden he'll stop, get that look in his eyes, stick his butt out a little.

Me: "Are you making a jobby?"

Him: "No!" (GRUNTS)

Me: "Yes, you are."

Him: "...nnnggghhhnoI'mnotnnnggghhh...." (Fills diaper.)

I keep telling him, "Look, the potty is where you can go and sit and read for as long as you like - "

Mama: "Just like daddy does."

"...just like daddy - hey!"

But he still hasn't done it, although I think now he knows the difference between a jobby and a "toot."

We'll get there. You just can't talk about this kind of thing with non-parents, can you? How's potty training going in your house?

Brokeback Mountain on DVD April 4th

As a mom/ business owner, leaving the house for a night to see a movie is pretty much out of the question. This is the reason for my husband and I being the last people on earth to see Brokeback Mountain until last night.

Universal Studios sent us a pre-screener of the new DVD coming out on Tuesday. The movie is amazing and during the movie I was just sort of trying to follow the story and did not feel the full impact until after it was over. It's so odd but through the night and this morning I am really feeling strongly about it, and so amazed at the beauty of the relationship between Ennis (Ledger) and Jack (Gyllenhaal). It is not some "gay cowboy movie" and I am going to slap the next person who says that. I never thought of the movie this way, and ironically in the movie they have a fitting side story of hate.

It is not a movie about 2 guys kissing on screen and breaking the boundries of cinema, it is about that one true love that you have in your life, and the powerful connection that it creates which is both the most joyous thing you can experience and the most painful. We have all been there.

If you haven't been able to get to the movies and feel out of touch because everyone is talking about the movie of the Century and you haven't seen it, be patient, you will get your chance next week at the video store!

For more information, downloads etc. hit http://www.brokebackmountainmovie.com

The DVD includes some great features such as how the cast got ready to play cowboys/girls and 3 other features such as a profile of Director Ang Lee.


Mountain buggy rocks!

Mountain buggy's are on sale at joggingstroller.com. Words cannot express how happy we have been with ours. The Urban Single is a little on the pricey side for a three-wheel stroller, but if you walk a lot, it really is worth it. Ours goes from the park to the little Italian grocery store very easily.

Beware though, the 2006 models are already out---and one has a herringbone(!!) seat. I know that would be too much for me to resist...


Show Me On DVD

Last night I FINALLY got around to watching the DVD screener of Show Me. This is after I put Ruby to bed as this is NOT a kid flick. This is a dark, twisted thriller that keeps you thinking.

I say it's Basic Instinct meets Blair Witch Project. My husband wasn't as enthralled but he is a snob about movies and music. It wasn't ground breaking but a good rental if you crave thrillers and when baby goes to bed, I love a thriller!

Find out more at www.ShowMeMovie.com and watch for this indie flick at your local video rental hotspot.


The Momono

Checkout our article on the fabulous product, the Momono tomorrow morning at the Daily Stroll! As always we have an exclusive promotion for our readers to use so HURRY!


For Those Toes

I'm sure by now you've all seen the adorable Trumpette Mary Janes socks. Today I was out shopping and was delighted to see some new styles by Trumpette. My favorite is the ballerina style, which comes in socks and tights. And for boys, the Johnny's are just too cute. Find these and other new styles at Trumpette.com.


Papa's Also Got a Brand New Bag

Guys' Infant Gear presents the Flanker, a utilitarian diaper bag with men in mind. We got a sample here at the Stroll for some manly-man diaper-dealer to try out and review. I am that man, and I am happy to report: I love this product.

First of all, why does a man need a diaper bag distinct from a unisex diaper bag or one with women in mind? I'm not sure, but I like the idea after trying out the Flanker. The diaper bags we have used in the past included our Eddie Bauer backpack and some basic, brandless totes, items that quickly became filled with clutter. In fact, they soon started doubling as my lovely wife's purse(s). This is not likely to happen with the Flanker. It's slim and functional, which keeps clutter to a minimum. As I used it I began to think this is where the "manly" concept comes into play: we dudes like things to be just what they are and nothing else. A toolbox is a toolbox. Fishing tackle goes in the tackle box. Beer is in the cooler. Toss it in the trunk and let's go.

The Flanker fulfills that creed. It has a little room for toys and other odds and ends, including a flat area for papers, PDAs or what have you (including a cell phone holder and thermal bottle holder). But for the most part it is all about the diapers.

But that's not all – the thing that really sold me on this is it's also all about the changing. The Flanker is made of a sturdy black quilted fabric and one of its sides folds out into a comfortable changing surface for baby. It's easy to use and convenient – no more spreading a towel (or your jacket) to make sure baby's bottom isn't touching your friend's carpet or bedspread! Follow the above link to see what I'm talking about. This is a diaper bag for the James Bond in us. Just unzip, unfold, wrestle baby onto it, and away you go. (No doubt Bond's Flanker is bulletproof and packs a parachute, too.)

Best of all, it's black. Ninja black. In testing out this product I wore it over my shoulder into the meanest, nastiest back road bar I could find. The burliest, hairiest, angriest, inkiest biker you ever saw approached me, spit on the floor, took his shades off, looked me in the eye and said, "Excuse me. Where did you get that ADORABLE bag?"

I have only one quibble about the Flanker. You can adjust the length of the strap but not the placement of the shoulder pad, which basically means that when slung over your shoulder it rests just under your arm instead of on my hip where I like it. The other thing is it's a bit pricey at $115. It'd make a great gift for a new dad but would probably be something you'd have to go in on with a few friends rather than spring for by yourself.

And it'd be worth it, although a new dad might not get it at first – he has not yet discovered how traveling with children resembles those Victorian expeditions with dozens of porters carrying rifles and surveying equipment. Let him go a few rounds with the Flanker, though, and I think he'll be as fond of it as I am. The link in this post takes you to a site where you can order one but also to retail locations where you can get them. I hope to see more of them out there and I sure wouldn't mind seeing more gear with guys in mind. Bravo, Guys' Infant Gear.

Mama's Got A Brand New Bag

So your kid has the super cool Patemm Pad where you just need to throw in a few diapers, wipes, coloring book and crayons ( or cocures) as Ruby calls them- fold it up and go right? Well what about mom? Where does she put her stuff? Not that she can't put it in the Patemm, but honestly sometimes kids just won't share their cool stuff with you.

A fun and funky new little bag on the market that I just received from www.myrebe.com called, "Maude" is great for the celli cell phone, some keys, an ipod, that sort of thing. I love it and look forward to bringing it with me on a trip next week where it will hold my cell, camera and cash just fine.

Sweet Tees

New company, www.ArmCandyBaby.com is creating sugary sweet tees for small children. I like how they are packaged almost as if they have ingredients and are an edible confection, when in fact they are wearable confection.

Swarovski Crystals, painted tees and cute sayings are everywhere on this boutique website. One thing I am not sure of is the name, sure babies are cute and great to carry around but Arm Candy? My baby is not a handbag- however the tees are really great quality, packaging superb and we wish them great luck in the baby T business!

Lately, MSP loves to squish her fingers around and "paint" with her food on her high chair tray. I've been thinking that she might enjoy fingerpainting, but frankly, I've been putting it off because I'm not ready to deal with the mess. Then a friend told me about the Crayola Color Wonders products. These are probably old news to those of you that have had kids for a while, but I'm amazed. They come in finger paints and markers and are invisible until you put them on the special Color Wonders paper! No mess for mom! The same friend also recommended the bathtub tints. Check out these and all the other cool Crayola products at CrayolaStore.com.



Ruby is obsessed with toast. She loves it and asks for it a lot. It's really cute.

This pretend play toaster from Target.com (online exclusive) is really cute too!


Vascular Birthmark Awareness Day

The Vascular Birthmark Foundation is a cause close to our hearts at the Daily Stroll. Ruby was born with a hemangioma and even though hers is not as life threatening as others, we are still concerned about whether it will go away or we will have to contemplate risky surgery.

Our pediatrician is waiting it out at the moment but each year many small children are not able to wait it out and they need very risky surgery to save their lives when the growths grow out of control and cover mouths, eyes etc.

This year the annual awareness day is May 15. Find out more information about how your company or you as an individual can help and get involved.

If you think that your child has a Vascular Birthmark such as a Hemangioma, a Port Wine Stain or a Venous Malformation visit www.Birthmark.org for vital information and a community of parents and doctors that can help.


Feel Like A Kid Again

While shopping for MSP's sandals, I ran across these classics. Made in America by Hoy shoe company for over 50 years, they are the same sandals I wore when I was a kid, and probably my mom before me. Still cute for today's tots with shorts, capris and even dresses. Check out all of the styles and colors here.
One of the best things about being a parent is getting unexpectantly taken back to your own childhood all over again- these are so My Girl riding around on a banana seat bike!



Created by a two-wheeling dad who was not comfortable pulling his child behind him in a trailer, The WeeRide Centric bike carrier attaches to the center of most bikes, allowing your little one to enjoy a slightly more scenic view than the back of your head! If they get a little tired, there is a padded head pedestal for napping. Works on most bike models and for kids up to 40 lbs. Not that I could peddle around a kicking kid that weighs 4o lbs, but think about how many calories you'd burn!

Time For Clam Digging

I wish it were time for Clam Digging! I can't wait for warm weather and neither can the owners of baby boutique, Cute Little Me! They have their Shilav line out and ready for Spring/Summer 2006!

Use code: DAILY10OFF before 3.31.06 and save big on anything at www.CuteLittleMe.com

We love these pants for boys by Shilav:

$26.00 Cotton Terry


Ruby Loves BubLove Tees

What a character my little Ruby can be when I am not watching. Of course I was in the office and she was in her favorite room- the music room. She is usually very respectful of Daddy's drum set and so I figured that she was just exploring. She was sort of quiet so I peeked in to find her putting on her Peltor Headphones (for drumming of course). This was perfect because today we decided she would wear her new "RockabillyBub" tee from www.bublove.com Stay tuned and sign up for the Daily Stroll. On Monday we have a HOT offer just for you from BubLove.

Peltor Headphones, yes, yes the same ones that Apple Blythe Allison Martin has. This is because both their daddies are musicians and peltor is the #1 brand of hearing protection. Made for young hunters and shooters but we are lovers not fighters, music lovers that is!

Find Peltor on eBay

I'm Just Like You

Hats off to Grandma Arleta for creating these special ID tags. Her darling of a grand-daughter, Scarlet (pictured above), suffered a stroke when she was just 17 mos. old. Even though Scarlet is an outgoing and fun-loving little girl who loves
to interact with others, Grandma Arleta noticed that outsiders rarely approached or reached out to Scarlet because of fear for how to treat or interact with her. This observance sparked the idea for these ID tags. The tags act as an invitation to others that kids with disabilities welcome interaction and want to be treated just like all other kids. All kids love attention! Check out I'm Just Like You and spread the word!


Bib of the Month Club at HCIT?

I wish I knew about this when Ruby was in bib stage- so cute!

New boutique, www.HCITDesigns.com has not only a fun website but great blankets and burp clothes and more! HCIT stands for How Cute Is That? Get it?!

Check it out, get it for yourself or as a gift!


Monkey Music for you and your monkeys!

Jack Johnson & Friends - Sing-a-longs & Lullabies for the film Curious George
CD is rocking! My cousins gave it to us yesterday and Greyson and I love it!!! No wonder it's so jamming with Jack's friends on-board like Ben Harper and the White Stripes! Seriously...it's great so do yourself and your little monkey a favor...and give it a spin!

Maria Says Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I know, I know it's not May 5th yet but I can't wait until it is because that means warm weather and margarita night for mommy! Ole!

I am in the mood for Cinco de Mayo ever since I received a bottle of Maria's Buenos Noches Bubble Bath! It is always a "good night" when Ruby has a nice bubble bath and we love Circle Of Friends. www.circle-of-friends.com $7.00 for 8oz.

Make every bath a fiesta with Maria’s Buenas Noches Bubble Bath! It moisturizes and refreshes in the shower or tub with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Buenas Noches Bubble Bath also contains extracts of Vanilla, Cucumber and Mango! The bubble bath is free of Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates and other harsh detergents, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Maria is from Mexico. Ole!


Pants Up!

"Mother of Invention" is taking on a new meaning and today's find is no exception! We received a product in the mail that is genius. From www.PopTrunkBaby.com is TinyBigs, your solution to droopy kid drawers.

This is perfect for kids like Ruby who are really tall for their age but super lean. She is only 24 lbs but 35 inches tall so needless to say the 2T pants she needs to wear for length aren't quite right in her waist. We are using the Hot Rod Truck these days to keep her pants up. It works and we strongly suggest that you try it out too!

Doodle Bugs, not for Doodling!

These note cards are so fab you won't want to waste a minute doodling! We have recently received some very fun and thoughtful gifts from www.DoodleBugsPaper.com for Mommy and Ruby and we are thrilled!

Owner Kacey McLendon designs great note cards, labels, stickers and more with fun, whimiscal designs and colors to keep you wanting more. Write notes the old fashioned way and forget your email!


New Site For Pen and Parchment

Our friends at Pen and Parchment have a new site!

We adore it and wanted to get the word out. We don't usually talk too much about Bride stuff as we are stuck in babyland BUT, chances are you know someone who knows someone who is getting married this Spring or Summer. It's the season! We love this selection from the Bridal Stationery collection at www.PenandParchment.net

Vespa Vows!


I'm a big fan of alt-country, cow-punk pioneer Jason Ringenberg and when he brought his alter ego, uuh.. I mean brother, Farmer Jason to Norway last year of course Baby B and I had to go to his show. Even in Norway, where none of the kids spoke any english, he managed to get them all to dance, sing and tell stories, just with a little help from a translator and Baby B had a wonderful fun time. We had to get the CD, and we dance to it every week. Check out the tour dates, they're both out on tour now, maybe you can catch them in your home town! If not, you can get both the CD and a cool t-shirt online. You can even get them signed!


Tiny Sprouts Blossoms With Toddler Sizes!

We love Tiny Sprouts, the super soft cotton, the now tagless tees, but we were sad when we saw that they only went up to 24 months! Well we are not sad anymore! Tiny Sprouts at www.TinySprouts.com just shot us an email that they have tees that go to size 3T!

Shop now and get a free shirt! Buy 2, get one free. coupon code is "tinytee" at checkout and add all three to your cart and personalize. exp 3.31.06

Spot on Converse

Check out these Chuck Taylor high tops for for toddlers available from Garnet Hill. I love the bright, polka dot prints for spring. With the warm weather that we have been having, I am obsessed with finding MSP cute, but practical play clothes for outside. I think these are perfect! Hurry and get yours so your little one will be the hippest at the park!


Mother Stork's Baby Book Sale!

Sometimes when you press a gazillion books there are imperfections. The publishers behind the fabulous Mother Stork's Baby Book are such perfectionists that even a slight blemish on the inside of the cover means they will not sell it at full price.

We just heard from the owner that they are having an "imperfections sale" so follow this link: http://kistnersupply.com/imperfects.htm for details, and if you were hoping for the chance to own the popular Mother Stork's Baby Book now is your chance to score a deal. Even the imperfect books include the gift box and pen.

10 second rule? Not anymore!

In our house the 10 second rule was in effect for about my first 5 minutes of motherhood- then things just got out of hand. We have more of a 10 hour rule now but none of that matters if you use this super cool product sold at Cheeky Monkey!

We know you have seen this before- but our friends at www.CheekyMonkey.ca swear that they are flying off the virtual shelves! I bet they are- what an invention!

Get your Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier by RazBaby. 7 different designs for sale only $5.29 a piece US $5.99 CAN!


Common Sense

My dad always said I had no common sense (but a brilliant imagination). Well, now I have - Common Sense Media that is.

This looks like an interesting blog. It's mission:

Common Sense Media is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the media lives of kids. We believe in media sanity, not censorship. Today’s media has an enormous influence on children’s physical, emotional and social development. It is for that reason that we must sponsor a free and open dialogue on all aspects of media’s impact on kids. This blog is an integral part of that dialogue. We urge you to join the discussion in a fruitful and thoughtful way. It matters to our children.

Take a gander at some of the articles on TV, movies, music and the internet I found this one by Geena Davis - yeah, that Geena Davis! - interesting.

Bathrobe Oh Bathrobe

Surprisingly I have had a really hard time finding bathrobes for kids. Ruby is so tall and after I get her out of the bath or shower and wrap her in a towel ( even an adult size) she is still shivering. If I had a robe to throw on her while I get her diaper on and her lotion etc, maybe her lips would not turn blue and she would be less squirmy!

I was happy to find this boutique and super cute robes: http://www.buttercupsboutique.com

Monogramming available!

Always on the lookout for the perfect beach bag, I spotted this one in the new Garnet Hill catalog. Its called an arts and crafts tote, but also pictured being used as a beach bag. It comes in great summer colors and has free monogramming available. The rigid sides stay open for easy loading and the nylon wipes clean. I love that it is nice and big so it will hold huge, plush beach towels, sand toys and all that other stuff we carry to the beach or pool in the summer. I also love the outside pockets. No more digging around the bottom of the bag for a dollar to buy a coke. I just can't decide if I want to monogram it with my name or my little one's. I mean- its really my bag, right? Check it out at garnethill.com.


Sneak Peek At Celeb Baby Gift Bags For The Oscars!

We have been working on this scoop for a while now with Grand Avenue Baby and Baby-Outfitters but today we got the call to go ahead from our insider who is in the Extra Oscar Lounge right now where the first ever Oscar Swag bags with baby/parent products will be given out.

We know what is going to be in the bags before the Celebs do!!

Read this article we just posted for more info on the bag and the vendors!


This information was provided exclusively for our readers by Grand Avenue Baby. If you want to mention this on your blog/site, we expect a link back to www.TheDailyStroll.com thank you in advance.

Podcast anyone?

Know what a podcast is? A podcast is when somebody records an audio file and shares it in a syndicated format, sort of like multiple-episode radio. Podcasts revolve around a number of topics and formats, including talk, music, information, genres, and other topics. RSS feeds let you know when the latest episodes of the podcast appear. My favorite podcasts include Coverville, a podcast of interesting song covers, and Bubblegone's World of Noise, a podcast of interesting "found" sounds.

But I've been on the lookout for kids-oriented podcasts and I'll tell you why: my son is getting a little tired of hearing the same songs and stories when we're in the car (and, frankly, I'm getting a little tired of telling them; I mean, how many times can you tell the one about the giant pizza that covered the school before it stops being interesting?). Podcasts can be downloaded or burned to disc and taken anywhere. So why not see what's out there for the little fella?

Alas, I feel the perfect podcast for me and my family has not been created. (Maybe I should create it). This one's kinda cute (love the accents), as is this one (although it's a bit regional). Anybody else into this and can offer some feedback?

Star Light, Star Bright...

I know I've been quiet with the celeb dish lately but since Greyson and I have run into Renee Zellweger 3 times now, we figured she deserved a mention! We spotted Ms. Renee twice at the Beverly Hills Starbucks and once at the BH Coffee Bean. Apparently, she is a coffee addict like us - sporting the extra large cups of java! I thought she looked beautiful - totally casual without a stitch of make-up and sporting the running shoes (my new shoe of choice since it's just not as easy to walk in 4 in. platforms with a 22 pd. weight on my side). Man is she a little itty bitty thing though...no Bridget Jones that's for sure. And she seemed as nice as she was small...no big Hollywood attitude in sight.

And my dear friend Mama Wendy gave me some more dish the other morning...Paris Hilton at the Four Seasons last weekend. Apparently, Paris looked her typical heiress self but didn't hold a candle to her Greek god of a boyfriend! Word out there is that he is way tooooo pretty. Speaking of pretty, Jake Gyllenhaal was in the parking lot of the macrobiotic lunch hot spot...M de Chaya. Supposedly, macrobiotic is all the rage in LA. If anyone knows the scoop on macrobiotic, please feel free to share...We'll be on the lookout on our strolls for the rest of the week...we should gather up some good dish with the 78th annual Academy Awards in town this Sunday!
*Clip art courtesy of tack-o-rama:-)


Luck of the Irish!

Sure the Irish may be lucky but who needs luck when you got Sidney's Closet! Take your pick from diaper bags, totes, belts, burp cloths and even more...like the cutest St. Paddy's Day cell phone holder. Finally a way to keep your cell phone conveniently located without feeling like your wearing a (gasp) fanny pack. So go ahead and strap it to your purse, stroller or even your belt loop. Moreover, all the products at Sidney's Closet are hand-crafted by a "designer Mom" using an assortment of sassy fabrics in a multitude of fun patterns. But the best part about it all is that the prices are so very affordable...lucky me, lucky you!