Who has what? Celeb Swag Scoop

For some reason we care what celebrity has what hip diaper bag or sassy stroller. It can make or break a baby product company to have this sort of placement! We just got the scoop on a few little product placement bits and so if you like to know what is in the closet of your favorite celebs kids, or soon to be born kids, here you go:

From Ju-Ju-Be

A perfectly packaged diaperbag. We really like the way they managed to cram style, essential spaces and comfort as well as durability into the "Be All" bag. What is the celeb scoop on this one? Gwen Stefani has a bag in this very color by Ju-Ju-Be pictured here:

Who's got Astrotot? www.Astrotot.net

Jon Stewarts little bubba's were recently gifted with these hot little tees. We have them here in the office and they are so CUTE.

Checkout the "Disgruntled" Tee and "Do I look like I was born yesterday" snapsuit.


Gifty Gal

I am not organized enough to have a gift closet like my Modern Girls, but I do always keep my eye out for little gifts when I need them. Four Sisters Bath and Body sells some nice little bottles and gift sets containing smelly good lotions and relaxing bath washes.

Check them out at www.foursistersbathandbody.com


Let's Be Honest

Ahh another baby T company with witty things to say from the mouths of babes!

We received a tee from www.HonestBaby.com and it is honestly cute. Great quality tee and a lovely website. Check them out.

This one reminds me of a certain Ruby Louise who did not walk until 14 months or so!


In With New but Stuck With The Old

Have you seen this new bouncy from Graco? Love it. Where was this when I was pregnant and accumulating all my baby gear? In the ever-so-trendy chocolate brown and blue combo, it's much better than the aqua aquarium monstrosity that I'm stuck with for future kids. I mean, most people don't go out get all new baby stuff for the second kid, right? Except maybe Gwyneth- I saw that Apple has upgraded to the Bugaboo Chameleon with pink fleece, while we are still cruising in the old Frog. Depressing. I'm not even quite ready to have another one anyway, but I just saw this and started thinking about it.

Food glorious food...

What to feed my little guy is the constant question around here. Just having entered the "I only eat fruit stage" it has become even more challenging to get him to eat food that doesn't resemble a "nana" (translation: banana). So what to feed him??? I thought I'd share with you some of our personal faves in hopes that some of you may throw some back...sort of like a food menu exchange. Greyson digs cous cous with pureed carrots and melted cheese on top, mashed sweet potatoes with applesauce, plain yogurt with minced peaches & cereal. What's your little one's craving? I'm desperate for any suggestions with chicken, fish, meat, etc...those are the most challenging so by all means respond. "Food glorious food..hot sausage with mustard"??? Well, I just might give that one a whirl!!!


You know you are a mom when..

You start a collection of Vera Bradley.

I never thought that I would do it but I feel the need to simplify and have a reliable, preppy, consistent style. When I think stylish, together mom, I think Vera Bradley.

Today I started collecting "Bermuda Pink", a pattern from 2004. I got the Villager tote which has so many pockets inside -all around the sides to keep me organized it's unreal. I also got a wallet that is big enough to fit my checkbook inside, and I am so excited to start on this journey with Vera.

Next up is the duffle. I will save my money and get a duffle so I can be a super chic traveling mom.

What is your pattern going to be?


The Lost Art of the Bib

For some reason when Ruby was a year old or so I stopped using a bib. I have no idea why. She is almost 2 and I am just realizing this. I get so mad at myself when we go out to eat or something and I have forgotten to take along a bib. This is mainly because I feel like all of the other moms are thinking to themselves that I am an idiot. At home we use one that is wipe-able and is conveniently hooked to her high chair but I am just now getting back into bib shopping and have found a cute one I like.

At the new and cute website, www.MonkeeMoos.com you can find lots of good things but here is my bib pick! I love a sock monkey.

Let's Talk Grooming

So. Got a question for all you dads out there. And your spouses. What are you doing for your dome these days?

Everywhere I go with my child I see more and more men my age (early- to mid-30s) in the same predicament as me - balding. It's not always the same pattern, of course, but for many of us, our patches of hair are like islands on a twisting sea. Unconnected. Seemingly random. Gulfs, bays and inlets. Definitely a sad shadow of my luxurious, Andy Garcia-like locks.

My solution and, it seems, the solution of many of the other dude dads is to just shave it. Anything else looks like a comeover, a bit of dog fur glued to the top of an Easter egg. Thankfully, it's a pretty good time, fashion wise, to be bald or balding. It helps if you have great pecs and washboard abs like Mr. Jason Statham here, of course, but that's not a requirement. (Besides, I just know you dads have two hours a day to knock off a bunch of weightlifting, right?)

The question is: what are you doing to cut your hair? Ladies, little known fact, but men can talk barber-talk all day - their favorite haircuts, their favorite shops, the jokes they hear when they're in the chair, stuff like that. But as much as we love the barber shop, it doesn't make sense to spring $20 every two weeks. Same logic applies to our hair as our lawns - we ain't paying some kid to cut it. Not when we can gas up the hog and spend a couple hours outside.

That's where, for me, the home clippers come in. Yes, the dreaded do-it-yourself haircuts that can go so horribly wrong. On the plus side, it's not as easy to mess up a haircut when you're wearing it this short. But on the negative, now I find myself seeing a well-shorn head in church or on the street and wanting to ask: Hey, man, what guards are you using? I'm a number 1 on the sides, number 3 on top man, myself.

So I'd love to hear from you fellows what you're doing to cut your own hair, if that's your thing. It's come to my attention that many of you ladies do the trimming. My clippers of choice are the same, cheap Conair clippers with multiple guards that a barbershop uses. Affordable, easy to operate and easy to take care of. Of course various companies offer the Cadillac version of hair clippers. I'm content to let a Chevy shave my head. You?


REPOST: Darling Mummy

We are very sorry to have made a typo in a previous post, but here once again is an edited post from MamaTiff about a cute company we adore.

DARLING MUMMY at www.DarlingMummy.com

I'm all about my beverages. I treasure my morning cups of coffee, and at the end of a hectic day, after the little one is in bed, there is nothing better than sharing a great glass of wine with her dad. Even better, getting out with the girlfriends for some wine or coffee breaks! So I'm all about these tshirts. Perfect for making a statement, while running around comfortable and cute. Find tons of great shirts, hats and more at darlingmummy.com.


Attention all Mom Entrepreneurs and Advertisers!

There is a new spot on the Daily Stroll to get exposure. We are bringing back banner ads on the shop directory page (2nd most popular page on the website)!

Here is the deal:

Every 2 months advertisers can opt in to have their banner and special offer on the section titled "Stroll Marketplace". All advertisers must offer a promotion. If you have advertised or been featured on the main daily stroll editorial in the past you receive 10% off all ad buys!

How to opt in for the Spring Stroll Market Place, deadline for submission and payment is April 27th. Ads run May 1- June 30.

To get your spot send an email to editor@thedailystroll.com with the following:

1. 125x125 high quality static jpeg and your promotional offer with a code containing the word "stroll", exclusive to the Daily Stroll, and expiration date set for June 30, 2006.

2. send a paypal payment to editor@thedailystroll.com for the session fee. Each session is $95 for the 2 month run. Remember, 5% of ad sales benefit the Vascular Birthmark Foundation.

Hurry to opt in quickly! The deadline is 4/27/06 and spots will be listed in the order they are booked!!

Questions? Want to view our strong demographic info to see who you will reach with your ad?Email us at editor@thedailystroll.com


I am SO over muffins

I have to tell you I am getting sick of the shape of muffins.

Thank goodness for Reynolds Fun Shapes foil bake cups! I am no baker but my "just add water" muffin mix goes perfectly with these fun shaped foil cups that need no greasing and are disposable! I simply poured the batter in, lined them up on a cookie sheet and patiently waited for muffins shaped like stars and hearts and easter eggs!

You can do Jello, Cake, whatever you want! Find out more HERE

Oh Sugar!

Sugar Tush is having a spring sale...15% off on all their tanks & tees for infants and toddlers! My personal favorite is their new sugar patch collection because Greyson is motorcycle crazy. Check it out for yourself and your sugar & for sugar reduced prices, enter "spring" at checkout...valid through 04/15.


I -felt- breakfast!

My plan this weekend is to fill Joe's Easter basket with play food, along with the requisite eggs. That makes sense right? Plastic eggs = more play food?

A friend just sent me a link to these!


Pacifier Pod

I don't know about you but I am all for the "10 second rule". If it hits the ground and can be wiped off easily, stick the pacifier back in the kids mouth, but if you like to have a trendy tot and strive to be a better mom than I am by not giving your kid germs, then you can opt for the Pacifier Pod by JJ Cole Collections.

It's cute, it's functional and it's available at www.JJColeUsa.com

Lunch Box Kits

Shop Intuition has these great lunch box kits with soft chalk board sides. The kit comes with chalk, a sponge, and multi-sized tupperware with smiley face lids. There are two different prints to choose from. Make your kids' lunches stylish and fun!


Another Hip Sip

Dad is into camping, hiking and mostly all the gear that goes along with it. He actually picked this sippy cup out for MSP and she loves it. We used a caribiner and clipped it to her backpack carrier for a trip to the zoo. Such the outdoors baby- even if it was only the zoo. We haven't been brave enough to take her camping yet, but when we do, she's got the gear!


A Hipper Sipper

I can't stop buying sippy cups. We lose them everywhere and never seem to have enough. Not to mention the ones left to rot in the back of the car- we have to toss those! Here is a hip new one, by Sigg Kidz that I found. Supposedly all the rage in Europe, be the first one across the pond to get yours! Also available are accessories such as a kids grip, strap and a hot/cold sleeve with clip. At this price, I'm getting the strap.



I love these door signs by TreebyKerriLee. Several of my friends are about to have babies and I think these would be the perfect gift to take to the hospital. So cute.


Plus or Minus it all adds up!

I am in love with Appaman! This designer brings vibrant, fun & youthful flair to your little one's wardrobe. I am a personal fan of the plus/minus collection. These tees proclaim your little one's age from 1 to 4 in vintage black and white. It's my new favorite birthday gift for Greyson's pals that are turning ONE and TWO. Now...if they only made them in.....24!!! (Ha...like I'd ever tell!)