Pack and Play Away

I am longing for this travel cot from Phil and Ted. Just back from a little summer vacation- I've decided that I can't stand the pack and play that I got when MSP was born. I guess it serves its purpose, but it is so ugly and came with all these contraptions that I've barely used and won't even fit back in the carrying case- especially that cheesy teddy bear mobile. Ugh. And it weighs about a million pounds and takes up too much room in the car. I love that this one is so cool looking and weighs only 6 pounds in its little carrying case. And did I mention the self-inflating Thermarest mattress? This is one for the gearhead dads out there. Now there's an idea. Do you think I could get away with giving this to my husband for Father's Day? Except he might try to make us go camping and there's no way. Check it out here.


Take Me Out To The Ball Game

I don't have a boy, I don't like baseball but I like these shoes!

So cute at www.CuteBabyShoes.com


$762 to go!

If you have not heard alreay- The Daily Stroll is raising $1500 for a sextuplet stroller for the famed "Gosselin 6" of Pennsylvania! Actually they are the Gosselin 10. 2 parents, a set of 5 yr old twins and a set of 2 yr old sextuplets!!!!!!!!!

We have raised $738 and so we need $762 more!! Please give what you can it is so much fun and we need to get mama Kate Gosselin out of her house and give her her daily stroll!

Go Here for more info: http://www.thedailystroll.com/getgosselinsastroller.html

top donation gets a gift basket of the trendiest baby items of 2006 from the Daily Stroll and select designers. So far the top donation is $200!!!!!!


A Cool New Ride

These are the cutest things ever. My favorite thing about them, besides how adorable they are, is that they move backwards, forwards, and sideways and round and round. So kids won't get stuck like with other ride on toys. I'm supposed to be watching my unnecessary spending but I have got to figure out a way to get one for MSP. She has to have a wheelybug- right? They are accepting pre-orders for early August shipping at modernmini.com. The hardest thing is deciding which animal is the cutest- the cow cracks me up!

Where's the party?

Super cute! I am back buying bibs for Ruby because I am realizing that at 22 months they are more essential than ever. This is my new favorite from www.burbsbibsandbeyond.com

$8.50 and more where that came from!


Ruby Loves The Crocs

MamaTiff posted a few weeks ago about how popular Crocs have become for kids. Ironically my Grandmother and Uncle just gave Ruby a pair from my uncles store in Bolton Landing, NY Happy Jacks.

He carries them and this season is carrying the kids sizes. My grandmother has worn hers for a couple years now and loves them, she has red and so does Ruby now. They got Ruby a size 8 but she is a 6.5, this did not stop her from wearing them all of yesterday and she would not take them off. They are SO cute. There she is above. After we stopped at Grammy's for Mother's Day we went to my assistant Kate's senior project art exhibit at Union College where the little miss liked to hang out in the corner.

Froo Froo, www.FabbyGabby.com tights, GAP, Sweater from a shop in paris. Personalized tee from www.TinySprouts.com - they embroidered it with her nickname "cha cha"

Here she is in her Crocs- to get your own pair checkout www.Crocs.com


Happy Mom's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm already having a great one, walking around town hoping some one will recognize us from the paper. Here I am driving that Mountain Buggy I can't seem to stop posting about.

The other stroller in the photo is that super-cool Phil and Ted's E3, and then the trike's a Kettler.


Blankee your Boo with Lillaboo!

Lillaboo.com is offering a free mini-blankee boo (18" x 20") to all customers with orders over $40.00. All Lillaboo's products have bold, "un-baby" designs for the design conscious parent. Hurry this is a limited time offer. Only one blankee per customer.


Apple's Raincoat

Here is the adorable raincoat that Apple is wearing in a recent picture posted at Celebrity Baby Blog. Very reasonably priced and matching boots and an umbrella are also available. Check them out at annabean.com.

Thanks to joga at gwynethpaltrowfan.com for finding it!

A Perfect Fit!

My husband and I spent a long weekend in NYC last weekend. Very fun. One thing I now know for sure is that EVERYBODY in New York has a Bugaboo. And the only people that don't have them are pushing double Mt. Buggies. Since I am one of only about 4 in my hometown, I learned about something new from all these Bugaboos! The Valco cup holder. After trying several cup holders that didn't work a while back, I gave up. Don't ask me how I've made it the last seventeen months without a cup holder, but I am ordering one of these asap.


You Still Have Time

Whether it's for wishing on or buying, you still have time before Mother's Day. May I suggest the family tags from www.AmyPetersStudio.com ?

Back by popular demand after a 6 year hiatus are the family tags and they look SO sweet!

Nanny McPhee on DVD- TOMORROW

If you have been longing for a movie that you can acutally watch with your kids and not go insane, this is it. Nanny McPhee!

Out on DVD for all tomorrow May 9th, I got to see this in early release this weekend from the comfort of my own sofa with my husband and darling Ruby. She was HOOKED for the first hour anyway but that is pretty good for a 22 month old- for a 3,4,6, 40 year old it will last the entire time.

The colors are great, story is thoughtful, and it's like Marry Poppins but high on whimisical drugs. That is the best way I can describe it. If there were drugs that made you hallucinate and see pink and green mad hatter cakes, yellow dipped sheep, and nannies with warts that disappear before your eyes this would be it.

Go get it!


Beautiful Futures For Everyone

is a company that we have profiled before on the Daily Stroll. They are back with a brand new website and want you to know about a great program for Mothers that also donates 25% to charity!!!

Daily Stroll readers get 20% off and free shipping on all orders over $75. ‘Daily Stroll’ must be entered at checkout to receive this savings!

A note from Owner Kate Gaffin about the program:

One of the fun things about having your own company is the freedom to create your own programs. Beautiful Futures/Beautiful Possibilities was born out of my desire to share a portion of my revenues with non-profit organizations, many of whom do such beautiful and inspiring work. Instead of choosing just one, I decided to reach out to others who felt particularly inspired by one group and work with them to sell our tees in their inner circles, subsequently donating a portion to their chosen organization…up to 25% of each sale.

Here's how it works…Give us a call and let us know the name of the organization that you would like to support. We'll talk about your goals, how to reach them and what we can do to help. We'll then send you an official Beautiful Futures/Beautiful Possibilities kit that will have everything you need to get started… product sheets, order forms, an actual sample and a special guide with ways to make this program really work for you. Next you tell all your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, online friends, etc that you will be selling these very inspiring, fun, tees to raise money for an organization that really touches you in some way.

You then take orders and send them to us and we will either ship everything directly to you or directly to those who made purchases. And, we're here to provide tons of support and will even help you create ways to market online.Share our line with others to raise funds for what's close to your heart. Always remember, our wearables make all who see them smile. Combine this with the passion you'll convey when speaking about an organization that inspires you, and you'll see just how easy it is.

Find out more


Croc Jewelry

I don't know about where you live, but Crocs are all the rage around here. EVERYONE has them. Especially the kids. They wear them with everything from shorts and Ts to smocked dresses. Jibbitz has come out with these great little charms for kids to snap on and personalize their Crocs. They sell for only about $2, so they can trade them or collect a bunch for different holidays and occasions. Also very cool: On the Jibbitz web site, there is a custom option, so if you can get enough people together to make it cost effective, you can do a school logo or whatever! How fun is that? Visit their website to jibbitz.com to find stores in your area.


The "It" Shoe- and comfortable too!

It is almost impossible to wear heals while toting around a baby or toddler. I remember my first lunch outing with MSP. I got all dolled up and put on my favorite heels and almost killed both of us trying to carry her in that infant carrier. Thank god for the valet. However, hard as it is, I could benefit from a little leg lengthening and height. Helps to hide the 10 extra pounds of baby weight that I still have a year and 1/2 later. And some of my jeans just have to be worn with heels. I'm sure many of you share my dilemma. Here's the solution! Kork-ease platform wedges. They are the shoe of the season. Back from the 70's, they are supposed to be really comfortable too. When does that ever happen- stylish and comfortable? Better run out and get yours if you can find them! They are already on backorder at Neiman's. They come in a lower version too.