New from Sticky Prints

Well we just throw ideas out there sometimes and who knows what will take but the owner of Sticky Prints was listening last month when we featured http://www.StickyPrints.com on the Daily Stroll and she delivered!

We thought- hmm... we LOVE her photo frames to display photos on our fridge in a posh fashion but wouldn't it be great to have larger frames for the kids art work? She thought it would be cool too and she is now carrying 12x12 magnetic frames to showcase artwork, collages etc. Choose from an array of colors and get yours for $17.95!

Here is the one she made for Ruby to kick off the collection:

Get yours personalized too!

Thanks Cynthia for making our day!!!


Selma Blair's Dog Sighting

Hailing from the town with enough Hollywood rags to diaper my 9 month old son Greyson until he is old enough to be potty-trained, Mama Christina is a bit leery to begin my celebrity sightings/dish. I have to admit, I am a bit sick and frankly bored, of the celeb gossip. I do believe us mamas have much more substance to us than to surround ourselves with these Hollywood trivialities. However, a little star sighting chit chat now and then can be oh so amusing! So alas, I do it for the mamas around the world that may find this a tad wee bit interesting. Enjoy!

Star Sighting #1...Off to baby-proof our apartment, my hubby and I head to West LA's Koontz Hardware. As we ponder over which toilet lock and child latch will look best in our circa-1920's pad, Greyson begins to point & incessantly "monkey shout" (his latest form of communication). As I look up to see what he is so excited about, I spot Karl Lagerfeld's new face of Chanel Vision, Selma Blair. With her little dog in tote, Greyson has decided that her doggie...not Selma, is definitely something to be seen. Although Miss Selma wasn't too amused with little g's new-found doggie enthusiasm, she does get points for being a "do-it-herself" kind of gal.


Monkey Lights

My little boy is enthralled with monkeys: monkey books, monkey toys, monkey dolls, a monkey train from Brio...so I know he is going to LOVE this monkey night-light. For $20, how can I pass it up?
I hadn't browsed through Uncommon Goods in a while, and I found all sorts of things to add to his (ahem, my) wishlist.


See Kai Run Shoes?

We don't usually talk Celebrity Stuff BUT...

I don't know about you but I think that the cute shoes seen on Zahara Jolie-Pitt recently in the photo above curteosy of Oh No They Didn't are none other than "jack" by See Kai Run, who by the way is in the top 2 of Ruby's favorite shoe companies. I realized this at about 7AM EST today and emailed the owner of the Shoe company in excitment- I am just a little too happy:) Ruby really does love them and alternates between her Toddler Treads in pink and chocoloate brown, and her green See Kai Run mary janes.

Yeah for See Kai Run and yeah for Zahara because her feet are not only stylin' but way comfy and supported in the luxury that is See Kai Run.


Share the Love

Did you get Valentine's gifts from your parents when you were a kid? I did, and this year I can't wait to continue the tradition for MSP. California Baby is one of my favorite brands and their I Love You collection would be a perfect gift for any Valentine- mother or baby. As an added bonus, if you buy all three I Love You products, you get a 20% discount. Also, a percentage of sales goes to breast cancer research. Can't beat it. Check it out at californiababy.com.


Who's your mama?

So cute from http://www.TickleBellies.com these super cute "From the Mom of" notepads! I happen to have ones with Ruby's pigtails bordered in green and white polka-dots and we feel so official!

Order them specifically for your family. Choose from many hair styles, childrens ages, and backgrounds.

1 pad is $19.95, 100 sheets


Tiny Sprouts Valentines Day Sale!

We love TinySprouts and since they are having a Valentines Day sale we thought we would give you a heads up!

Visit this LINK and take a look at their 6-12 month lap tees with long pants for $18. choose cotton candy, rose or white for your tiny valentine! This is special V-day pricing!


How Many Weeks!!!????

There are so many things to keep track of during your pregnancy and the solution to that problem is evident with this fun new planner/journal designed by 40 weeks +


Tabs provide quick access to:

A detailed timeline and pregnancy calendar
Interview questions for obstetricians, midwives, pediatricians, nannies, and day care centers
Questions to formulate a birth plan
A practical baby shopping list for parents
Tips on saving time around the house
Coach's preparations and contact lists
Questions to fill in about childbirth and new baby
Feeding and diapering records
Helpful resources
and much more . . .


Oooh la la, look at these

Maclaren just unveiled their 2006 line. Contributing designers included Lulu Guiness, Kate Spade, Burberry...and my favorite Phillip Stark. I call dibs on the black 'buggy' !!
For pictures and previews, go here.


Heard It Here First! the PurpleBook- Baby!!!

Ok so it's not even available yet- but I have a copy right here on my desk! That is how cool the daily stroll is!

Anyway, it's thepurplebook- baby/maternity edition. All things you need to know about shopping for baby, well so they say- we will read it asap and report back!

Available April 21, 2006!

Here is a link to Amazon for more info: thepurplebook- baby/maternity edition by Hillary Mendelsohn $8.95.


Mama's little devil

Introducing Norwegian fashion designer Pia Paulsen! She's designed these adorable little devil suits. They come in black and red, complete with a pitchfork! The material is soft, delicious fleece and I just wish I'd found them before Little B was way too big. It's the perfect item for the little ones with a devilish good sense of style. You can get them at Desert Punk, they'll ship anywhere!


A new no cal Cookie!

Have you heard about Cookie, the new parenting magazine? When I read the the advertisment that said it was the magazine for stylish, choosy moms who refuse to dress their children in clothing involving liscensed characters, I was sold. I haven't seen it at any of the bookstores around town so I've subscribed and can hardly wait to get my first issue in the mail. I think someone posted about this back in the summer but now that the magazine is finally out, I thought it was a good time for a reminder. Check it out and cookiemag.com.


Spring into the New Year!

Does this sound familiar??? Baby has a dirty diaper, put baby on changing table, start to remove diaper, baby rolls over, mama picks up and puts baby back, baby rolls over, mama picks up and puts baby back, baby rolls over...and so it continues. Seriously, I am breaking a light sweat by the time my little one's diaper is changed.

Enter animal springys! These euro-chic wooden animal spring toys are the only thing that captivates my little guy long enough to get the diaper changed...without the workout. When pulled, these animals bounce up & down on a coil spring. (Note these are not for babies to play with but are intended to amuse babies, hands-free). I've strategically placed a couple above the changing table and after 3 months, they still continue to entertain while making diaper changes super speedy! Put them anywhere where you need a couple minutes of wiggle-free time & this should do the trick!


Introducing MamaChristina!

We have a new Mama on the blog!

I proudly introduce MamaChristina from Los Angeles, CA. Since she hails from the 90210 she will also be covering celebrity sightings of her own. Just the other day she practically ran over Kevin Bacon with her stroller so who knows what she and her young son will uncover on the streets of Beverly Hills.

Stay tuned for posts from MamaChristina and a big thanks for the ongoing lovliness of Mama's Lisa, Tiff, Holly and Elin!!


Lookin' Good Mama!

Ahhh…the joys of motherhood! Gone are the days of the 45 minutes, even an hour (just blasphemous!) of getting ready time. Now my time is spent attending to my little one’s every need, including giving him his 20 minute, maybe even 30 minute bath daily. But when it comes to my beauty regimen…maybe 10 minutes tops and that’s on a good day. I would never have believed I would be questioning if I should wash my hair or shave my legs??? Which one is more important today??

Well, on those days when you choose “shave my legs”, here’s a time-saving tip for you. Johnson’s Baby Oil. I know…seems so simple but every little minute counts when you find yourself graced with “getting ready” time. Baby Oil works great for shaving, I’ve found it to be much better than any shaving cream or soap I’ve tried. PLUS it moisturizes your legs so much so that you don’t even need to apply lotion afterwards. That’s at least 2 minutes back for you. So take those minutes and do some yoga breaths or apply some lip gloss…now you’re lookin’ good Mama!


Dandelion Baby- Exclusive Discount!!

Because we love you and know that you love us back, we worked out an exclusive promotion for 20% off clothing at www.DandelionBaby.com just for you!! Use code: MAMA20 at checkout for 20% off. Offer expires 1.31.06. Includes sale clothing items!

Our top picks are:

Unique Clothing:

See Kai Run Shoes:

Fun Toys:

promotion code exclusive to Daily Stroll.


Every little bit

As a busy mom I have realized that every little bit of help and knowledge I can scrounge up is useful to my everyday life.

For instance the other day I was treating myself to new bras at Victorias Secret and while I was talking to the sales lady about WHY my current bras had lost their form she reminded me that they needed to be handwashed. HANDWASH? I said- are you kidding me? The only thing I have time to handwash is my 18 month old. She replied with what is the most profound thing I have heard in a while and while you may think it is common sense, I found it to be as uplifting as my new bras. She said and I quote: "Well, what you can do is take your bras into the shower with you and while you are in there just use shampoo or body wash or perhaps a small bottle of detergent and wash them and hang them up to dry in the shower?"

Well- I have been doing it and it's fab! I use my favorite body wash and BAM. Clean, shapely bras.

Don't miss the 25% off sale at Victorias Secret.


Bottle Converters

On our latest road trip, I was so glad to have had one of these great water bottle converters handy (my mom had put one in MSP's stocking!) All you have to do is buy a bottle of your favorite water and screw on the Lil Topper, converting it instantly to a spill proof sippy cup. The Sprout Spout is made for juice bottles. They fit much better in a diaper bag then sippy cups full of your little one's beverages of choice. Buy them online at neatkidstuff.com.


Swell-Baby 20% off sale prices!

A new boutique has caught our eye and they are also a client of 32Flavors PR run by yours truly, but besides that fact I am gushing over their selection and of course their sale. www.Swell-Baby.com

I love these blocks- they are sold out but it just gives you an idea of what they have "in store".